WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting Review (Updated for 2022)

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We all know that WordPress is the platform that supports millions of websites made for various businesses. So, being the most used platform in sites, many hosting service providers provide fantastic web hosting services that can be focus exclusively on the content management system.

There are a number of less expensive hosting services available in the market. But if you have a large business or small business, it must be recommended that you should make the use of best hosting service providers that not only provide the best hosting but also secure your website.

So, if you are looking for a web hosting service provider that improves your website performance, then you must go with WP Engine. This performance-oriented website hosting service provider will fulfill all your hosting needs.

In this article, we are going to do a brief analysis of WP Engine hosting in which we will cover the features and cons of WP Engine so that you can get a view over opting for their services or not.

What is WP Engine WordPress Hosting?

Do you know that WP Engine is the first one to offer managed hosting services for WordPress websites?

With more than millions of customers, this amazing hosting platform fulfilled all the needs of hosting for your site. In a survey conducted some years ago, it has been noted that around six percent of the online world population visit the WP engine on an average day. This numerous platform offers high-performance hosting services for their clients.

If you are a large enterprise, then you can also opt for their hosting services that provide performance with security. While having their services, you can easily focus on the ongoing tasks and leave the rest to this. Their low-cost web hosting services provide you a stable environment to host websites.

But do you think, besides all these WP Engine still excel the marketing hype?

So, to find the answer of this question, you need to dive into this whole scenario. Here we are going to review this best hosting service provider and let you know the detailed brief about this host provider.

Before getting deep into the features of using WP Engine, we would first discuss the pricing plan of hosting services they provide.

What are the Hosting Plans for WP Engine?

Whether you need to use hosting for your enterprise or a small business, WP Engine will fulfill all your hosting needs. They have created various plans for custom made enterprise solutions that fit all your needs.

They have defined the plans in two categories that will be annual and monthly. They have divided their pricing plans into different types.

Startup Hosting Plan

If you are going to start a small business with the best hosting services, then you must go with a startup hosting plan. This hosting plan of WP Engine starts from $25 per month with an annual discount applied. In this plan, you will get 10 GB of storage with 50GB bandwidth per month. This pricing plan will host one website.

Other features you will get with this plan include SSH gateway, automated SSL Certificates, Global CDN, transferable Sites, and many more. If you opt for this hosting plan annually, then you can save $60 by getting two months of free service annually. While if you opt for this monthly plan, then it will cost up to $30 per month with the same features.

Growth Plan

If you are urged to grow your business, then this plan suits well for you. The growth plan of the WP Engine starts from $95 per month with an annual discount applied. In this hosting plan, you will get 20GB of disk storage with 200 GB of bandwidth per month.

You can host ten websites with this plan. If you opt for an annual subscription of this plan, then you can save up to $230 by getting two months of free service. While if you choose this plan for a monthly basis, then it will cost up to $115 per month with the same features. Other features you will get with this plan are imported SSL Certificates, 24/7 support, DEV/ Stage environments, and many more.

Scale Hosting Plan

This hosting plan by WP Engine gives you high performance capacity with site limits to scale your hosting experience. You will be charged at $241 per month if you opt for this plan annually. This plan will provide you 50GB of disc storage with 500 GB bandwidth per month.

You can host 30 websites with the use of this plan. If you subscribe on a monthly basis, then you will be charged at $290 per month. With the annual subscription of scale hosting plan, you can save up to $580 by getting a two-month service for free. It contains the same features as per the above plans.

Custom Hosting Plan

If you run a large enterprise and have a mission to host critical sites, then you can choose this hosting plan. With the help of this custom hosting plan, you will get a dedicated environment with high performance and managed onboarding.

You will also get WP Engine’s fastest customer support service. It will handle your website even when millions of users visit this per month. You will get 100GB to 1 TB of disc storage with 400 GB+ bandwidth per month with this plan. You will get advanced features with this plan. It includes GEO target with consultative onboarding, one smart plugin manager license, launch readiness assessment, and another add ons.

These are the four hosting plans that are offered by WP Engine that will enhance your digital experience. Compared with many other hosting providers, it is one of the most low-cost hosting services platform. It offers a various set of features that will help you to host your website in a secure environment.

Let’s discuss the features of this hosting service provider.

What are the WP Engine WordPress Hosting Features?

With the number of features provided by WP Engine, it has excel in the online market place. Its low-cost hosting plans are designed in such a way that it gives you most of the features available in one place. So, here is the list of those features below:

1. Performance Hosting

Performance is considered to be the most crucial factor when it comes to selecting a website host. But, in the case of WP Engine, it provides several performance hosting features embedded in its hosting services.

Its performance-based features included CDN that is available with all plans, testing of site performance to make improvements in lacking visibilities, and special add on that named as Geo Target that is used to optimize your website with certain specifics.

So, these features are essential to enhance the performance of your website. WP Engine is considered to be an excellent real-time performance hosting service provider.

2. Unmatched Support Options

If you opt for any of their plans of WP Engine, then you will get an unmatched quality of support options. If you are a beginner web hosting user and you find difficulty in any of the sections.

Then don’t worry! This host provides support to all its users. You will get chat, email, or phone support based on the plan you have subscribed to. You can access all support options right from your dashboard panel.

The support executives will provide you the best solutions to your problems within minutes. You can also take help from the documentation provided by them along with tutorials.

3. Loading Time tests feature

Whether you have made your websites with a light theme or a heavy one, you can easily monitor your website loading time with the tools provided by WP Engine.

Many of the users experienced that their light-themed websites act very fast with the WP Engine hosting. However, the users also find that their massive site loads faster with no time with this hosting. Therefore, this hosting provider will allow you to boost your website performance, speed, and making it suitable for your users.

4. Uptime functionality

We all know that downtime will have a negative impact on your business customers. Therefore, it offers a 24/7 uptime monitoring of your website so that you never lose your customers. It has been recorded that WP Engine delivers 99.95% of higher uptime and detects most of the issues of your website. It is believed to be the most useful feature of this hosting provider.

So, these were the features of the WP Engine, and the list doesn’t end here. You can get various features once you opt for their hosting plans. Besides these features, several cons are also included with its services. So let’s have a look at each one of them.

What We Didn’t Like About WP Engine Hosting?

  • With the number of cons of using WP engine services, the top most are that its services are a bit expensive.
  • It will provide limited storage to the website users as per their plan.
  • WP Engine services are only limited to WordPress users.
  • If the number of visitors will increase as per the subscribed plan, then it will cost extra.
  • Some plugins or themes are not allowed to be hosted with their hosting services.
  • It will not include any email hosting or domain registrations.


In this article, we have reviewed the WP Engine hosting provider. We have focused on the perspective of this hosting provider and discussed its features, cons, and pricing plans. I hope you will find a better idea of whether to opt for this or not.

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