What is Content Marketing? (The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide)

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You have definitely heard a buzz that content is the king of any online strategy.

The publishers and content marketers have injected with so much hyperbole and hearsay that it’s hard to discern the encrusted clickbait that is not worth your time.

Therefore, we have created an easy to digest content marketing guide that will help you to get valuable insights into reliable aspects of content marketing.

Here we will focus on effective key points of content marketing strategy that will help you to reach your potential audience and boost conversions with ease.

Of course, your audiences need relevant content from your business.

So, in order to make the content reach every member, you need to follow some constructive strategies that will help you out with this.

By honing an operative content marketing strategy, you just need to follow this guide, and voila, you will reach large users and convert them into the audience easily.

So, let us catch up with a birds-eye-view of content marketing and how you make it work well to boost revenue. Let us get started!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process that contains planning, creating, sharing, and publishing content so that you can easily reach your target audience. This whole process will help your businesses by boosting factors like sales, reach, brand awareness, interactions, and much more.

With its offering to tremendous growth in the business, this strategy is considered to be a powerful approach towards growing online visibility.

Content marketing is not about creating or distributing content through various channels, but it needs a strategic approach to make your content reachable to a clearly defined audience that will generate profitable customer action.

The main purpose of content marketing is to capture the interest if your potential audiences and helps them to solve their problems.

They may not even have an idea about the content which they really love and find useful is actually content marketing. You can use various ways to market your content.

Blogging is one of them, but it’s not the name of the game anymore; instead, it is all about reaching the audience of all platforms.

Other ways like eBooks, podcasts, webinars, social media posts, and many others will be considered as convenient ways for your content.

Now, let us dig deep into how you can create an effective content marketing strategy for your business?

How Can You Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Creating an effective content marketing strategy is not a difficult task. It just needs four elements to be used in a proper way to make your content works out.

The four elements include brand positioning, owned media value proposition, business case, and a strategic plan to market your content.

Creating a powerful content marketing strategy based on your audience’s needs is very essential. From idealization to creation and optimization of content, you need to take care of every aspect. There are several tools available in the market to improve your content marketing strategy.

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

One of the best tools that provide you with all your content marketing needs is SEMrush. Its content marketing toolkit offers you various tools to create content that resonate with your audience.

The professional SEMrush content marketing toolkit will allow you to manage your content tasks and improve your existing content plan. You can easily write and create an audit for the content with this toolkit.

So, let us discuss the various points to consider while creating a content marketing strategy that you can use for your business.

1. Set your goals

The first thing you should keep in mind while creating a content marketing strategy is setting up your goals. The goals should be specific to your business needs and can help to improve your brand awareness.

It is very important to identify your business goals to achieve and figure out how content marketing will bring your business closer to the audience.

Setting a smart goal for your business will provide you with the following benefits:

  • It will help to improve your brand awareness.
  • Helps to generate more revenue.
  • Improves brand loyalty and build trust among your customers.

When you create a content marketing strategy specific to your goals, then your content does a far better job of talking to the people who matter. You just simply aware of your business and set goals accordingly.

2. Determine your audience

Once you set your goals, then it is very important to determine which type of audience you want to target, based upon your niche.

Finding your audience and drawing them with your piece of content is the key point to make your content marketing strategy works well.

To make this done, you need to understand the lifestyle, concerns, problems, and needs of the audience. It is very important for you to deliver the content that will not only attract your customers but also helps them with solving their issues.

For example, a red bull is a company that creates the best content for their audience. They do not emphasize on marketing their product but covers the topics in which the audience are interested.

You can also illustrate your approach to marketing by determining the right audience and present them with better content ideas.

3. Generate Content Ideas

If you want to skyrocket your content marketing strategy, then it is time to come up with juicy content ideas that will turn your audience on.

To make this process much easier, you can make the use of the Topic research tool of the SEMrush content marketing toolkit. It gives you a helping hand in content brainstorming efforts.

SEMrush Topic Research Tool

So, if you have a keyword or a key phrase, you just enter it in the search box of the Topic Research tool and click on the get content ideas button.

This tool will help you by generating various content ideas related to your keyword and key phrase that you have entered. These ideas can be included in your headlines, articles, and blogs, and subheadings.

SEMrush Topic Research Overview

The best part is that you will get various benefits with this amazing tool. They are:

  • You will get relevant topics to write for with good SEO potential.
  • Explore hundreds of ideas within minutes to write for your website.
  • Get an overview of the most popular questions for your content with the help of this tool.
SEMrush Topic Research Cards

You will get the facility to prioritize your topics based on volume, difficulty, topic efficiency, and many other factors. So, make the use of this tool to generate effective content ideas.

4. Write and Optimize Your Content for Search Engines (and Users, Too!)

Now, you have found the right topic ideas along with keywords for your content; it’s time to write SEO friendly content.

For this, you can make the use of an SEO content template to create SEO-friendly content that will be loved by both people and search engines.

This tool helps people to craft their content ideas and provide recommendations based on the target keywords.

SEMrush SEO Content Temp

In the SEMrush dashboard, you can easily locate the SEO template on the left side of the menu bar. In this template, you can enter the targeted keyword, and then this tool will generate a template consisting of recommendations of text length, readability score, potential backlinks to target, and much more.

SEMrush SEO Content Template

You will also get the ability to see where your competitors make the use of keywords in their content.

The main purpose of this amazing tool from the SEMrush content marketing toolkit is to outrank your rivals on SERPs for a particular targeted keyword. Its recommendations will surely help to build reliable content on your website and improves your website’s SEO.

SEMrush SEO Template

So, create super easy templates and export them as a file.

When you get several SEO recommendations from the SEO template, then the next step involves creating text from them. For this, you take help from an SEO writing assistant.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

With the help of an SEO writing assistant, you can easily write text compiled with SEO suggestions. Get this add-on for Google Docs or WordPress account.

5. Distribute Your Content

When you write and publish SEO-friendly content, the next task comes up with distributing it. This is an essential task because it will help you in driving traffic and results in your business.

While you distribute your content on various distributing channels, including owned, earned, and paid media, it is very important to analyze mentions of your brand.

SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool

You can make the use of the Brand monitoring tool of the SEMrush content marketing toolkit to track your brand’s online reputation. This will help you understand about the number of people who perceived your brand. You will also get analytics about the places where your business gets mentioned.

So, you can try this tool if you are a professional and trying to grow your reputation. Make the use of this tool to find authoritative media to promote your product or content.

SEMrush Brand Monitoring

If you want to use this tool, then once you open it, you need to enter your brand name along with its domain. As soon as you click on the Setup button, this tool will initiate the search for your brand mentions.

In content marketing, this tool holds up a special position as through brand mentions, and you can easily generate backlinks.

6. How to Measure Content Marketing Metrics?

When you follow all content optimization techniques, then it is very important to measure the success of your external content efforts.

For this, you can make the use of a Post tracking tool from the SEMrush content marketing toolkit. With the help of this amazing tool from SEMrush, you can easily review your articles as well as track your keyword rankings.

SEMrush Post Tracking Tool

You can perform this by adding the URL of the article you want to track and click on the “start tracking” button. You will be able to see various metrics of that article, including URL, referral traffic, keywords, shares, estimated reach, etc.

If you want to add keyword rankings, then you can easily add keywords to your campaign, and SEMrush will track how your article ranks in Google search results. You can easily track up to 5 keywords per article with the help of this tool.

The main goal of this tool is to help you analyze the growth and reach of your brand through the website or content.

7. Revise Your Content & Improve Performance

Auditing content can help your business to stand out in this era of content production.

Creating content without keeping the intent of your audience in mind is a waste of time. It is essential to revise your content so that you can analyze what needs to be improved in it.

SEMrush Content Audit

To analyze the content, you can make the use of the content audit tool from SEMrush. It will help you in analyzing and assessing the written content of your website. This will help to reveal the strength and weaknesses of your content marketing strategy so that you can adapt the content plan according to your current marketing goals.

This amazing tool runs on a subfolder level, and you need to select the folders you want to audit. It will help you by identifying the weak content and analyzing it.

SEMrush Content Audit Tool

You can setup clear business goals for content audits like SEO results, audience engagement, etc. and match them with current content metrics.

Therefore, you need to adjust your content strategy based on the content audit results to gain more profit.


Content creation is the hardest work as it takes a lot of research and effort to create a perfect piece of content.

Well, for starters and other businesses, it is very important to create an effective content marketing strategy to make their business succeed. It is very important to overcome all the content hurdles to resonate with your audiences.

Here in this article, we have mentioned various ways through which you can create an effective content marketing strategy for your business.

Increasing brand awareness, maintaining your brand voice, adding targeting keywords, and other aspects of SEO needs a lot of time.

You can make the use of the SEMrush content marketing toolkit to enhance your content marketing strategy. The toolkit is packed with several features that will help you to improve your content and increase rankings of your website.

So, if you want to create a well-researched content with a high chance of performing well in Google results, then the SEMrush content marketing toolkit works best for you!

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