Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners (Updated for 2023)

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Are you looking for the best source to generate passive income from an online resource? Are you tired of blogging and now want to try something new? Then you are in the perfect place.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most considered methods of earning money online. However, for beginners, it becomes a bit challenging to move on without proper knowledge.

Making money out of it is not that difficult if you learned the initial things. Yet, there are too many sources on the internet which claim complete knowledge but provide only a half.

For that reason, here in this article, we are going to describe every sort of information that you should know before starting affiliate marketing. So, let’s dive right in.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Whenever you think of starting affiliate marketing, the first question comes what it is. Let me clear you so that you will not be convinced with any kind of myths related to it.

Basically, affiliate marketing is a middle way of promoting and selling products from a seller or merchant. Here the advertiser is called an affiliate. Thus, whenever you as an affiliate make that product sell through your way, you will get a commission for that.

For example, let’s say I have a books shop and I want to sell my books through marketing. That time I asked some sales associates to promote it in their method, and Whenever a product is sold, the profit will be shared by all. That means they will get a commission for each product they promote and sell.

Unlike this case, nowadays, we even don’t need to promote products by advertising to people. In fact, we can do everything by sitting at home.

There are lots of networks, or e-commerce sites which work as the seller and the affiliate can be anyone who encourages people to buy products and services from those networks.

And after a successful purchase, that network will provide that commission amount per sale. This process is called affiliate marketing, and the commission rate is called an affiliate commission.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

So, now you might have another question in mind, i.e., how does it work?

Well, affiliate marketing works through four factors, such as the merchant, the affiliate, the network and the consumer. Let’s understand each one by one.

The Merchant

As we discussed before, the merchant is the person who has a product or service to sell. That person may be the owner of that product or a retailer. Merchants or sellers have e-commerce or cart facilities for online buyers. They can be a huge enterprise or maybe a single person with their service like online courses.

There are lots of sites out there who offer affiliate marketing opportunities. Some of the most common as well as most familiar networks are Amazon associates, CJ affiliates and Clickbank.

Besides, several other networks, such as most of the hosting companies, also offer affiliate commissions.

If you are just thinking of starting affiliate marketing, then “Amazon associates” is the best option for you. This is due to low competition and high exposure so that you can quickly grow in this field.

The Affiliate

An affiliate is that person who is the middle man for advertising or promoting the product or service from the vendor.

The affiliate can be anyone having a medium to promote the products and services. This person has the responsibility to convince potential customers to buy that particular product.

This can be done by providing a review of the best products or services where they can easily explain the benefits of buying that product.

An affiliate can make sales through social media platforms, youtube channels, a micro niche website or through any blog.

Joining Amazon affiliate marketing programs has a benefit that you can target different countries at the same time by joining and combining all.

Affiliate marketers can promote sales according to their interests to a specific number of customers.

The Network

Amazon is a tremendous e-commerce website which can easily maintain the headaches of affiliate services.

However, lots of other websites providing affiliate opportunities don’t want to bear all those supervisions. Therefore, affiliate networks perform as an intermediary system to assist those merchants to generate sales quickly.

Some of those affiliate networks include CJ Affiliate, Clickbank, maxbounty, etc. Here merchants or publishers advertise their affiliate services. Marketers or affiliates find them and start promoting commodities based on their preference.

The Consumer

Finally, the product reaches the consumers who are the potential customers in need to buy something from those sellers’ enterprises.

Consumers are also a part of affiliate marketing as they actually buy that product, and the profit per sale is shared by both affiliate and merchant.

Consumers may or may not be aware of the affiliate association.

6 Steps to Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer in 2023

So, as I said, affiliate marketing can be done through several media. Yet, the most preferable and easiest way is to make a niche website.

Thus, here we have a complete guide on how to make a successful affiliate marketing business. So, let’s have a closer view.

1. Choose Your Niche

Before you join several affiliate programs, you need to decide your favourite niche. A niche is basically a specific category under general topics.

Affiliate marketing niches can be based on a particular product—for instance, a microwave oven. You can make a site dedicated to the microwave oven.

You can make a blog type website or an e-commerce site (import products from others through drop shipping). Generally, blogs are more profitable than a dropshipping e-commerce site.

So, how to choose a profitable niche?

Well, before you start, you need to calculate the average income by knowing the commission rate of different products or services.

For example, let’s check for Amazon affiliate sites. Firstly, search for amazon affiliate commission. Then check the commission rates for different types of merchandise.

Select any one of them and now let’s come to the Amazon website. Click on shop by category option and choose any of the products from the category you selected before.

Now go to the best-selling products and watch for the minimum price of that type of commodity. Check for the minimum traffic coming to the website ranking first on google.

Let’s take the conversion rate 1% and calculate the total revenue you get. For more details, you can check the da, pa and backlinks of the websites ranking on the first page.

This way, you can take 8-10 niches and then you can compare the data and select the most profitable niche to start affiliate marketing.

For ClickBank or commission junction or any other affiliate networks, you can select the affiliate programs related to a product and calculate to know whether or not that niche will give you sufficient income.

2. Create a Website

The next step after choosing a niche is to build a blog or website. At the time you create a website, you need to make the wiser decision of investing money on a few things. The most important things are the domain and hosting.

For an affiliate website, it is excellent to keep your product or service keyword as your domain name. Further, hosting should be reliable, fast, secure and most importantly give you a 24/7 support.

Free domain and web hosting services are there, but they are not recommended as they can’t work in the right way. After you choose a short and appropriate domain and purchase a hosting, now, you need to select a lightweight theme.

The most recommended theme for an affiliate website is “GeneratePress”. You also need a useful cache plugin that is WP rocket. You can go for free themes and plugins; however, they provide limited customization options.

After you have done all purchasing now, you need to customize your site in a user-friendly way—set up the most critical privacy policy, terms and conditions and about me pages.

For an affiliate website, another essential factor is an affiliate disclosure page. It is mandatory to make your customers know that you are using affiliate links. And then you are all set.

3. Find Affiliate Programs to Join

After you have made an attractive, but a lightweight website, now you need to find and join all affiliate networks regarding your product.

Firstly, start with amazon associates. If you want to target a specific country, then it’s so easy. You just need to sign up for their affiliate programs and done. However, if you want to geo-target, then there is a plugin for that.

Besides Amazon, you can also check affiliate programs for different other sites through affiliate networks like Clickbank, CJ affiliates, maxbounty, etc.

Finding and joining affiliate programs is typical for all networks. You must sign up with some details and boom!

4. Create Great Content

If you skip this step, then you will get nothing out of this business. As the saying “content is king”, here also content or an article has a significant role.

So, how can you write an excellent content for an affiliate site?

Well, templatizing is the best way for it. Most of the blog-type articles for affiliate products show suggestions like ” 10 best microwave ovens in 2022″ or comparison like “Dell vs HP laptops”, or a single comprehensive product review like ” Is it worth to purchase blue host hosting”, etc.

You can find keywords from google suggestions and can easily create good contents.

In the “top 10” articles, you can add an introduction, top 10 products with their brief description, pros, cons and your recommendation, then a conclusion.

The ideal length of such content is according to your competitions. But mostly these are comprehensive articles having 2500+ words. For increasing size, you can add a “buying guide” which teaches the buyer “how to purchase or things to consider at the time you purchase”.

The best way to write a product review is by genuinely purchasing and using it. But, the main difficulty arises at the time of creating content is how to write a review of a product you haven’t used yet?

The simplest method is by reading the reviews of people who really used it.

In your affiliate account, you will get the images and links for the product you want to promote. Make the content attractive by using them.

So, in this way you can write a great article.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Site

How to drive traffic to an affiliate site? This is the most frequently asked question after setting up everything.

Affiliate sites have very low competition, so bringing traffic organically is relatively more straightforward than for a regular blog. You just need to create a few quality backlinks.

Besides you can start paid advertisements for massive traffic in a short period. Social media platforms are also an excellent choice to bring traffic to your site for more sales.

6. Receive Commissions

The final step of the entire affiliate marketing process is to get the commission. An affiliate receives a commission for each sale they make.

Along with that, some affiliate programs (amazon) provides an affiliate commission for the entire cart for the 24-hour cookies period.

Clickbank has a facility to provide a recurring affiliate commission. That means if the consumer takes a product or service which needs to renew a subscription, then at the renewal time, also the affiliate will get a commission.


If you want to start earning online, then the ideal way is to create an affiliate website. You can make a niche-specific website which can easily rank, and you can drive good traffic there.

If only 1% of people will buy from your affiliate link. Then also you can get income up to $1000 per month.

This is the easiest way to earn while sleeping, but still, you need to learn and implement things correctly so that you will not frustrate and give up.

An initial effort for a few months is necessary for any kind of business, and if you promise yourself to do so, then nothing can stop you.

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