Quora Marketing Strategies: How to Get Traffic from Quora?

With a large number of platforms available for marketing, the marketers are looking to grow their companies on a larger scale. They make the use of various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their brand or services.

Some marketers make the use of other platforms like Quora to promote their business among various audiences.

The challenge marketers face with so many platforms available is which one is the best?

Which platform provides you more opportunities to promote your brand?

But, regardless of all other platforms available for marketing, Quora is one of the best for marketing your business products or services.

So, are you wondering how you can make use of Quora to market your business products or services?

This is a powerful platform for marketing, and you can easily reach thousands of audiences with just little effort.

In this article, we will tell you what Quora is and how it can easily help you to market your products and services. Like every other platform, you need to create different strategies and services to market your products.

So, read this guide and get ready with your strategies.

What is Quora?

Quora is a platform that allows you to add questions and answers to the topics that you are interested in. In this popular social platform, people ask various questions and request people to answer them.

Therefore, every piece of content here is generated by users. This amazing website has filled to the brim with various resources that answer your every question.

This platform also enables users to give appropriate up-votes to the answers you like. This website highlights the most valuable information based on various topics and niches.

To create an account in Quora, you need to visit its official website. Once you do that, then you can see various signup options. You can sign up either from your mail or from your Facebook account.

Once you login to your Quora account, you can easily start following the topics that interest you. This website is considered to be great in terms of various topics, be it technical, music, fashion, or anything. But, do you know that this platform is used for marketing purposes also.

Before jumping to the section, how Quora is used for marketing, you need some marketing strategies for it. Every business needs a marketing strategy, and so the Quora also does. But do you think why?

We will tell you! Let us discuss why you should need a Quora marketing strategy?

Why You Need a Quora Marketing Strategy?

By this time, you have the information that what Quora is and for what purpose it can be used for.

Quora is now considered to be one of the most visited sites on Google. It has over 190 million users interface monthly. This amazing website serves to be the best platform for brand awareness and improving the reputation of the company.

Here we have discussed the following reasons that help you determine why you should need a Quora marketing strategy?

1. Drive referral traffic to Your Site

One of the reasons that you should use the Quora website for a marketing strategy is to drive referral traffic to your website. If you don’t know what referral traffic is, then we will tell you.

Referral traffic refers to the audience who visited your website without searching on Google. This mainly comes from backlinks on other websites.

When you create your profile on Quora, you will easily let people know about your business through the website link you provide. The referral traffic you get will be completely free. When you answer questions about different accounts, then users will find your brand, and you will get free traffic.

You can also add social links to your business in your profile. This helps you drive traffic in the long term. This will help you to position your brand in your industry.

2. Demonstrate your expertise

When you answer questions related to your industry, then you can easily demonstrate your expertise. This will also help you to improve the image of your company or brand.

You can also influence people to start thinking about the problem’s solution in a new way. When you answer their questions, this will help them to clear their doubts. You can also add some information about your product and services while solving the queries.

So, how is this method for direct marketing?

3. Generate Quality Leads

This potential and powerful marketing platform also helps you generate quality traffic for your website. If this can be used correctly, then this platform will help you generate quality leads.

It has been noticed that Quora also sends you a huge amount of traffic than other social media platforms. This platform allows you to connect with a large number of audiences and communicate them directly. This will enrich your relations with customers, and eventually, you can generate more leads.

4. Get You Noticed by Big Publications

Quora served as a promotional platform by letting you noticed by big publications.

If you love to do guest posting or top publications have interviewed you, then Quora will pave the way for you. Even authoritative marketers, big agencies, bloggers, and big executives utilize this platform as a promotional channel.

You can easily get noticed by big publications through your well-written answers and showcasing your knowledge.

5. Build Authority

When you spread your knowledge in the question’s answers, then you will gain authority as well as popularity. Answering various questions of your industry helps you build great value among visitors as well as influence your soar.

Once you provide a valuable answer, you can also add a link to what you have referenced, which would be great for your website.

6. Content ideas for your blog

This platform not only helps you with story ideas but also help you with entire blog posts.

All bloggers would really feel the difficulty of coming up with new ideas. But, your difficulty will be solved within seconds by using this platform.

Quora will be the answer to your never-ending content writing problems. It has a section of related questions that will give you content ideas in bulk.

You can also put keywords for your content in the search bar to get various topics.

7. Help with customer support

We all know that customers are the base of every business. The need of customers is the building block of every business.

With every answer you provide, you will easily support their claim as well as fill the gap in their knowledge. This will make their response more compelling and convincing.

In this way, you will get their support and build brand awareness among people.

So, these are some points mentioned above, which states why you need a Quora marketing strategy.

Now, let us discuss how you can easily get traffic from Quora to your website.

How to Get Traffic from Quora?

Quora will not only boost your website awareness but also develop your leadership presence.

So, if you have pumped to start with Quora marketing, then you will easily get traffic from Quora. It will also let you know what the trends in your industry are and what customers want.

You can also follow the topics and get ideas about what your competitors are doing.

Here we will discuss some essential ways you can follow to get leads from Quora.

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1. Create a great profile with brilliant bio

Like other social platforms, you can start your profile with the awesome author bio. This will help you establish a solid presence on Quora.

Creating a good profile with a brilliant bio requires a few steps, like you can add your profile photo after filling your name and other details.

You need to pay attention to the description as well as the credentials you add. Make sure that your description would not be an entire article’s worth words.

While writing the descriptions, you need to make sure it is short, straightforward, and impactful.

Just give a small intro about your job experience, your expertise, and a couple of hobbies. Also, if you are actively working in guest posting, then you can also list down the websites.

Ensure that your profile contains relevant pages, links, and social media profiles. In this way, you can create a meaningful bio that helps other people to know about you or your brand.

2. Follow relevant topics with notifications

While creating your account on Quora, make sure to follow relevant topics with notifications. These topics will be added to your feed, and you will find questions related to those topics. Select at least ten topics to complete your profile.

You can also create a topic for your brand. You need to focus on the relevant topics with lots of subscribers. This will help you gain exposure to your website.

By improving this part of your profile, you will be able to spend less time hunting relevant questions. This will help you gain more time crafting valuable answers.

You can get notifications when anyone wants you to answer the question, or any new question arrives in your mail.

3. Find the right questions to answer

If you are ready to invest your time writing answers, then you should keep in mind that you need to find the right questions.

We all know that Quora is a great way to drive traffic to your website. You should answer the questions that users put up that are related to your industry.

The questions you choose to answer should have a relevant amount of users or followers.

It is best to bump on the questions where you are the first to answer. It would serve as a great opportunity for you to stand out and deliver an answer.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Make sure to choose the topics that fit your business.
  • Find threads with upvotes with an insightful answer.
  • Don’t just focus on popular queries. Find other questions to answer too.

4. Answer questions with authority

It is believed that Quora helps with multiple content marketing goals. It will help you to boost traffic on the website along with the target audience.

Make sure that your answers will stand out because your insightful response with relevant content helps you stand out among others.

Just remember to answer your pensionable topic in a valuable manner and don’t afraid to shine your brand with a unique tone.

5. Find Targeted Blog Ideas

With a large number of questions available on Quora, you can easily find various blog ideas.

You can make the use of Quora by finding various topics related to your industry. When you answer questions related to your industry, then you will find various related questions on the right side of the screen.

These questions are the queries of people. You can make use of these questions to create blogs of your niche.

This will help people to engage in your blog posts. You can easily refine those questions with the tweaks and usable content titles.

6. Connect with other Quora users

Besides the search engine, Quora is also considered as a social media platform. While making the use of Quora for marketing, do not forget to engage potential users.

This amazing platform allows you to communicate directly with anyone. For brands and businesses, this will serve as a great way to connect with other Quora users and build relationships.

You may even find that people ask questions about various brands or their products. You can connect people by:

  • Keeping a track on popular answers.
  • Creating boards to cover various topics.
  • You can also share content outside of Quora.

Therefore, the more value you give your customers, the more you get your business rank.

Additional Quora marketing Tips

Besides these strategies, you can also use other tips mentioned below to create brand awareness. They are:

1. Try Quora Ads

We have discussed various tactics that will help you to generate business.

Now, it is time to focus on Quora ads. All magic will happen with the use of Ads manager.

You can access this option by clicking on the profile photo. You can create ads under this option. With the ads manager, you will be able to see your spending summary in four parts:

  • Clicks
  • Spend
  • Impressions
  • Conversions

If you want to convert your target audience, then you should definitely try this option.

2. Share your answer on social media

Each answer will provide you insights into how many people viewed your answer. Sharing your content is a great way to promote content.

You can share your answers or questions on different social platforms you have linked in the Quora profile. You can easily share it by pressing the option for sharing and choose which social media platform you want to share.

You can choose from Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, WordPress, etc. This will help you engage more users.

3. Be consistent

If you are consistent with answering questions, engaging people, then people will surely admire you. They will be attracted to your daily attempts and becomes confident with the answers you provide them.

Also, if you really write well on Quora, then more and more people admire your work, and you will get Top Writer’s badge along with small material reward.

4. Don’t be a salesman

Quora is a platform to share answers to every question. But, while sharing answers, you should keep in mind that you don’t need to be a salesman.

That simply means if you are writing answers, then do not add them like you are selling your service or product. Instead, you can give small information about your products or services in the answers.

You can add appealing images to do some custom formatting like bolding, italicizing, etc. This makes it easy for people to know your services because they will find them relatable with their questions.

5. Analyze your Quora stats

This amazing website provides free analytics to all users. You can see views, upvotes as well as shares of your questions or answers. You can also get stats about the following:

  • The questions you have answered
  • The questions you put up
  • The blogs you write on Quora
  • All content that you contribute on Quora

By visiting these stats, you will easily get an idea who has seen your answers and upvoted you. This will also help you with how you can improve your content to get more upvotes or views.


In this article, we have discussed various tactics that will help you with Quora marketing.

Learning this Quora marketing will serve as a supplement for your brand promotional strategy. With the help of this platform, you can easily highlight your position in the industry and drive traffic.

We hope you have got all the valuable information about Quora marketing.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

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