Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review (Updated for 2023)

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Do you have a WordPress website, and are you looking for a better host for your site? Are you looking for the hosting provider, which not only helps to secure your website but also helps to provide reliable hosting services?

So, Kinsta is considered to be one of the best hosting providers for your website. When you need to be managed hosting for your website, then Kinsta would help you with that. It has been embedded with different amazing features like it is developer friendly, reliable, scalable, and elementary to use.

We all know that Kinsta is the managed hosting provider that is specially used for hosting WordPress websites. But do you think that Kinsta is really best for your WordPress?

In this article, we are going to provide you an honest review that makes it essential for the users to opt for this to get better hosting for their WordPress websites.

In this review, we are going to discuss multiple features of Kinsta Hosting provider that makes it different from others. But before getting into the features of this hosting provider, we will first consider a brief about Kinsta.

What is Kinsta WordPress Hosting?

Kinsta, one of the best hosting providers for the WordPress website, was founded in 2013. They have established the scalable and secured hosting for WordPress users at low and affordable prices. If we compare their pricing plan with other managed hosting providers, then this fantastic hosting provider offers a more affordable policy with low budget costing. It provides a lot to its users beyond affordable pricing. With the use of its hosting services, you can manage your WordPress website with ease in an optimized environment for WordPress websites. So, let’s have a look at its Hosting plans that makes it worth to use.

What are the Hosting Plans for Kinsta?

This premium hosting provider offers various hosting plans for your business. Whether you are running a small business or a large one, Kinsta will take care of your hosting needs with its cutting edge technology and excellent support. It has introduced these plans that suit best for its users.

1. Entry Tier Plans

They have launched the entry tier plan, which starts from $30/month and $60/month. This plan has been opted by a large number of users with its affordability and features in it.

Here are the various elements of both the plans. In a $30/month plan, you will get 1 WordPress install with 10GB SD storage and free CDN up to 50GB. You can also get one free premium migration within this plan with 14 days of backup retention. If we talk about a $60 per month hosting plan provided by Kinsta, then it gives you 2 WordPress installation with 20GB SSD Storage and a free CDN of 100GB. This plan also offers you multisite support with 14 days of backup retention.

Other features like automatic daily backups, 24/7 support, hack, and malware removal, staging area, and much more come up with these two amazing hosting plans. These plans are suitable for small business or medium business users.

2. Business Plan

Kinsta’s business plans are divided into various segments that offer full support to businesses and developers. Its business plan starts from $100/month to $400/month. The $100/month plan includes 5 WordPress installation, whereas it has been increased to 5 times as we move to a $400/month plan.

You will get 30 GB SSD Storage with a $100/month plan, and it increases to 10 GB as you moved to a $400/month plan. You will get free CDN that is 200 GB with a $100/month plan, and it increases with 100GB as you choose a $400/month plan. The three business plan offers three free premium migration per plan, while the $400/month plan offers four migrations.

Along with these features, you will get other features like Free SSL Certificates, PHP 7.4 support, 24/7 customer support any many more with its business plan. This plan is suitable for all business owners, whether they are running a large or small business.

3. Enterprise Level Hosting Plan

An enterprise hosting plan is usually made for those running businesses at the enterprise level. The enterprise plan is divided into four segments ranging from $600/month to $1500/month. If you opt for a $600/month Enterprise level hosting plan, then it would offer you 60 WordPress Installs along with 100GB of disk space.

If you opt for a $900/month plan, then you will get 80 WordPress installs, and with a $1200/month plan, you will get 120 WordPress connects while $1500 plan gives you the chance to install 150 WordPress websites with its hosting service.

The disk space will get increased by 50 with every enterprise hosting plan. The best thing is that you will get free CDN and SSL with every hosting plan at the enterprise level.

So, these are the plans specified by Kinsta, and you will get free migrations and hack- fix guarantees with all these plans. Now, you come to know about the hosting plans of Kinsta, so let’s start with its features.

What are the Kinsta Hosting Features?

With their ten years of work experience with WordPress hosting, Kinsta has provided a lot to its users. It offers the best hosting services from small business owners to large enterprises. Here is the list of the features you will get if you opt for Kinsta hosting services.

1. Get Free site migration

Migrating a website from one server to another is really a big mess. This especially becomes hectic when you don’t know the whole process of migration. But, you don’t need to worry about that. Kinsta hosting provider offers a free migration of your website. You need to contact their team and they will migrate your site very quickly with no span of time.

2. Get your website hosted on Google Cloud

If you opt for Kinsta hosting plans, then they will host your website on google cloud platform. This means that your website will be managed by Google. If your site gets hosted on a Google Cloud, then it will increase your website security and reliability.

3. Powerful Custom Dashboard

When you buy Kinsta Hosting plan, then you will get a well-organized dashboard with custom and powerful tools. These tools will be going to help you to manage your website. If you are new in the hosting process, then also you can manage these tools as they are easy to use and understand.

4. All-time customer support

The main specialty of the Kinsta hosting plan is that whether you opt for a less expensive plan or a highly costly plan, you will get 24/7 customer support from them.

The list is not ended here. You will encounter more features of it while you use its hosting. Besides these, there are some cons of using their hosting. They are listed below:

What We Didn’t Like About Kinsta Hosting?

There are some cons of using Kinsta hosting. Go through the list below and find them:

  • As compared with other hosting providers, Kinsta is not considered as the fastest hosting service provider. It has one of the toughest competitors on its way, i.e., Siteground. The average response time of Kinsta is far less than Siteground. This may be considered as a thinking point for those opting for Kinsta for managed WordPress hosting.
  • Another drawback of Kinsta is that it does not offer domain registration for websites. So, for this, you need to connect with the domain registrar and then host to Kinsta. This will make this hosting process a long one. It will get beneficial when you register the domain on the same website on which you are referring to hosting.
  • Another major con of using Kinsta is that it does not provide email hosting. You cannot create an email with your registered domain, and that can be an issue to its users.
  • It also restricts the use of some other plugins to manage hosting. Using different plugins will impact the services of Kinsta. So, this might be the reason they are doing so.


In this article, we have reviewed Kinsta hosting by providing features, pricing plans, as well as cons of using its services.

We cannot deny the fact that Kinsta is considered to be one of the best-managed hosting service providers, but somehow it also lacks with few points.

We hope you get an idea about Kinsta hosting and its services.

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