iPage Web Hosting Review (Updated for 2023)

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In the past, when there were no websites, people were sending letters to communicate with each other. At that time that’s the only way to communicate with other people. No websites are there at that time so people cannot connect with other people and learning new things is also not possible.

The world is not the same right now. It changes at the speed of thought, people are moving from the real world to the internet world. The internet world is like a small universe itself where people connect, chat, grow business, and learn new things.

On the internet, the only way to reach somewhere on the website. Without websites, there is nothing worthwhile on the internet. A website is the combination of programming languages by which it is made. The website will help us to reach other users and it helps connect to people all around the world.

What is iPage?

iPage is an online business website that is a hosting provider to small websites as well as big sites. iPage provides paid service to users who want to run or host websites on the internet. There are so many website providers that provide hosting but iPage is the website that gives a 75% discount on the first purchase and that is applicable for every user. The purchase will let you run your whole website for the entire year. On the iPage websites, it offers some schemes and if you buy within the offers you can also get 2 years extended hosting.

The iPage website has some programs which will let you build websites from scratch. If you don’t have programming knowledge you can just go to the iPage website, choose to build websites and your website will be made by programs and software. Usually, it takes a lot of programming knowledge to build websites, but iPage is the website that provides website building within the websites so users can make their websites.

The iPage website was founded in 1998 as the website services, but the website re-launched the services with the hosting services. Right now the site has more than one million websites hosted from iPage. The user also feels very authorized when they access the hosting services.

Right now, iPage is managed by the Endurance International Group. This company gives services to IT and Website, this group has the specialty of providing services like hosting. This group was founded in 1997, in the USA. This company has acquired a large scale of users by providing the services to the small businesses and inviting them to use their services and welcoming them to the group. This company recently started its services in India as well. The company was founded by Hari Ravichandran and Ravi Agarwal.

What are the iPage Features?

There are so many features available that can elevate your site performance from the beginning if you are capable of using it. If you have some technical knowledge you can just transform your website from zero to the top companies.

Core features of iPage: The core feature of iPage hosting is that you will get the hosting site disk space unlimited, you can store data without any tension. You can use unlimited domain names for your website. There is no limit like other sites, that if you purchase a hosting scheme you can only access one, that is not necessary for the iPage. You will also get a free Unlimited MySql Database and Free SSL Certificate. You will also get a free domain for one year.

Designing and building tools feature: The website has its website builder which helps us to make a website at one click without programming a single code. You can also build mobile-optimized sites, you can install WordPress at one click, and you can also start a blog with a managed picture library. This website has an easy setup wizard for websites and provides hundreds of templates and themes for your websites.

Selling online feature: The iPage site provides online shopping site builders that can access the PayPal integration which can make the payment facility very easy. This can also access the AgoraCart shopping cart, OpenCart shopping cart, OSCommerce shopping cart, PrestaShop shopping cart, Zen Cart shopping cart, TomatoCart shopping cart.

Sending and Receiving Email Feature: You can make a custom online email with the given domain and hosting purchase on iPage. This email is a professional email that you can use for your website or your business purposes. You can also check the emails that you will receive on the Webmail. iPage provides the email forwarding and auto-responding feature.

World-Class Security and Technology: The iPage website not only provides hosting but I can also provide high tech security for your websites. On most of the sites will have cPanel, here you will receive vDeck which will work like cPanel. The monitoring of website traffics and reporting also available on iPage features. The servers of the websites are so powerful that they can manage the load of the website traffic very easily. The sites will never be off because the iPage has power backup and generators for power consumption.

24/7 Support: This feature makes customers trustful and authorized because iPage provides a 30-day money return and it will provide 24/7 customer help and support so your business and site cannot be compromised by any means.

What are the Pros?

There are so many advantages/pros to using the iPage.


If you use the iPage site hosting you can get a lot of discount during the sale time and if you are a new user you will get a one-year free domain with a low cost of purchase of hosting. Also there are various yearly plans available which provide huge discounts.

There are 3 types of planes where you will get as low as $2 plan for the 3 years, and that is way too low cost for the offer.

Unlimited website hosting:

If you want to host unlimited websites at one place, then you will like the service of hosting because once you buy the plan you will receive the unlimited domains feature facility and you can assign as many domains as you want to your websites there are no limitations.

Unlimited Storage:

The biggest benefits of using the iPage hosting service are that they provide unlimited storage space, with hosting. This makes the customer focus more on their website without hesitating about the storage space.

When you don’t have a limit of storage you can create more content without thinking about the storage capacity.

Unlimited Database Support:

So many sites that provide just only single-handed MySql Database, but the iPage provides unlimited databases for unlimited websites. This service helps users to create databases for their websites.

If you have two or three websites, you don’t need to worry about the database because there are no limitations to the sites. You have unlimited hosting with unlimited website support which can access limit free databases with iPage.

Free Security:

iPage web service provides a free security suite that can manage all the security queries of the websites. This is the only site that provides a free security suite with a low cost of hosting.

There is no other site available online that provides this much advantage with just one purchase of service. This site is good for the ones who are just beginners in the information and technology field. They can have all the benefits which are shown above. Those who are finding the hosting solution for low cost and whose budget is also low can buy this hosting service.

The security is the most important thing when it comes to the online data and the personal data. The security helps to get you the best protection of the data and also further helps to keep the data secure.

Responsive Design:

The design of this website is such that you can even operate this from mobile phone. Not always necessary, you will carry the laptop and everywhere. So as per the convenience you can now operate the service of iPage on mobile phone. Such management was never so much easy, but at iPage this has been done to simplify the work.


No one wants to sit for most of the time on computers and reply to the queries. iPage provides the solution to get rid of continuous question and the queries by setting up automated reply. This helps you to save the time and also it gives perfect replies to the customer and that too instantly. Hence this helps to have the perfect service to the customer and helps to provide the best service to the customer.

What Are the Cons?

If you get so many advantages you will also get some disadvantages.

So many extra purchases:

If you buy hosting service for your websites from iPage you will get some amazing benefits from this website but, there will be more purchases on the way if you want to make your website stay online and make it available to the world.

There will be some service charges that these websites will ask you to pay, and it will make your money go away faster than anything else. There will be a waste of your money when you pay for the services. There are a lot of websites that can’t charge for extra services.

You Can’t Migrate Site:

Like most of the sites, you can’t migrate sites from iPage hosting, instead, they pay you $150 one time price.

Other sites give you free service to migrate sites. But on the iPage, it is not possible. You can waste money by migrating it with iPage service. But there are so many alternatives to use for migration.

vDeck instead cPanel:

In the website industry, there is a famous control panel called cPanel and that is widely used to control the site settings. But in the iPage service, you will get a vDeck.

The vDeck is not as efficient as the cPanel, some functions aren’t available in the vDeck, which is available in cPanel. cPanel is way or efficient than the vDeck so it’s good to use cPanel.

iPage provides so many benefits but some key functionalities are not available or not implemented on the websites.

When you see the service plan and see the details of the hosting plan on the iPage website you will see unlimited services plan.

But at some extent they ask you for the fees to make it unlimited when you host from iPage, you will upload huge amount of data on the server and it might affect the other customer as well so, after some time iPage will ask you to pay for the fees, otherwise they can shut down your website if you can’t give them the charges to remain unlimited.


The iPage site is quite good or I can say simply amazing for the hosting service and if you just get started or make a plan to launch the website you can visit www. iPage.com to buy your first web hosting and domain name with less amount and service charge.

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