How To Choose a Blog Niche That Makes Money in 2023

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Supporting yourself with a blog is already a difficult task.

You’re excited about the prospect of establishing a blog. However, you’re stumped as to what to write about. Or perhaps you have a concept but are unsure if it will work. Does this ring a bell?

You can boost your chances of establishing a following and having monetization prospects by providing material relating to the most popular and profitable subject matter. These elements are crucial if you want to blog for a living.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find the finest blogging niche for you to start earning money online.

Let’s get started!

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a topic area that you’ve deliberately chosen to focus your blog content on. Blogging niches allow you to focus on a specific group of people and create content that is more relevant to them.

As a result, readers will be more willing to subscribe to your site, and you’ll be able to establish authority and establish yourself as a thought leader. In addition, you’ll make it much easier for search engines to figure out what your site is about, increasing your chances of ranking high in search results, which will bring in even more viewers.

Instead, you should choose a blog niche—a specific topic area on which you will focus all of your content—to establish what your followers may expect from you.

You can focus on a variety of different types of blogs, ranging from very technical to more personal or creative. The following are some of the most prevalent methods for coming up with blog niche ideas:

  • Based on a certain industry, such as cryptocurrencies or freelancing.
  • Targeting audiences such as small company owners or newlyweds, the campaign is audience-based.
  • News and movie reviews are examples of subject-based content.

Why Choose 1 Blog Niche, Instead of Multiple Topics?

What is the definition of a single-topic blog? It’s a blog that focuses on a single theme or topic. A blog that focuses on a single topic appears to be authoritative.

Single-topic blogs have proven to be successful for many bloggers. For example, take a look at WPBeginner. Some may disagree, but I regard WPBeginner as a single-topic blog primarily focused on WordPress tutorials. It’s currently one of the most popular blogs in the WordPress community.

Search Engine Land is another single-niche blog that comes to mind. The site is dedicated to all things related to SEO and Google.

Despite the fact that these are specialty blogs, the topics that can be discussed are numerous. You may already be aware of this if you follow both of the sites mentioned above.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of launching a single-topic blog.

  1. Choose your best topic – Choose a topic in which you believe you have the most expertise. The one about which you feel most at ease writing and sharing your thoughts.
  2. Choose your passion – You can choose a topic that you are most passionate about. The one about which you will enjoy writing the most. This is crucial because it will assist you in maintaining consistency.
  3. You can become the go-to leader or have the go-to blog on this specific issue by becoming authoritative.
  4. When it comes to producing money from your single-niche site, you have a better chance of converting visitors into purchasers.

Disadvantages of Starting a Multi-Topic Blog

Now, let’s look at how to build a multi-topic blog. To be clear, launching a single’ multi-topic blog rather than many blogs on various topics.

Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages of beginning a multi-topic blog now.

  1. Because you’re covering so many topics, becoming an expert blogger on a given issue is far more challenging. Start a single-niche blog if you want to become an authoritative blogger.
  2. As a single author, it can be difficult to manage a multi-topic blog. Regardless of how much free time you have or how well planned you are. Trying to handle your multi-topic blog on your own will become extremely difficult after a while. It’s possible that you’ll need to assemble a writing staff.
  3. Blog revenue – Quality traffic is important and leads to more conversions. It will be more difficult to persuade people to buy from you if you focus on so many issues. Your sole alternative may be to monetize through third-party advertising, such as Google AdSense.

How to Brainstorm Blog Niche Ideas?

1. Based on your ferocious zeal

Blogging involves ongoing effort, and one of the most difficult aspects of being a blogger is consistently providing high-quality content.

As a result, beginning a blog about something you’re enthusiastic about will enable you to overcome this barrier, because if you’re passionate about something, you’ll want to do it and won’t become bored with it.

So, how do you come up with blogging niche ideas regarding topics about which you’re enthusiastic or interested? Here’s how to do it:

  • Make a list of everything that interests you and don’t sweat the small stuff (e.g. profitability, popularity, etc) and simply make a long list of subjects regarding things you like and enjoy doing
  • Think about how you spend the majority of your time when you’re not working and make a list of those activities, excluding the basic duties like showering, sleeping, watching TV, or going shopping.
  • Examine what kind of websites you frequently visit on the internet – do you frequently stream movies, play games, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, or read other people’s blogs?

Your personal belongings may disclose topics you are unconsciously passionate about, which could make a good blog post.

2. Based on Your Expertise

Your niche should open up to you once you become an expert in your field and have attained peak expertise in your chosen issue. It’s the one thing you want to be recognised for – and excel at.

Use the niche you’ve discovered to help you achieve the success and recognition you deserve as a blogger. This is your chance to make your thoughts and opinions the differentiators you need to stand out from the crowd.

3. Blog Posts and Magazine Articles You Read

Even though publishers are transitioning to digital publishing, there are still plenty of printed magazines available (to date).

Take a quick look at what magazines are available at your local bookstore.

  • You may fairly conclude that a niche is profitable if you can locate 3-5 distinct publications for a certain topic, because your local store owners would not bother showing magazines that no one buys.
  • If there are no regular subscribers or customers, magazine publishers would not squander millions of dollars printing a magazine.

When you go through the pages of a magazine, you’ll notice a lot of adverts, which is another evidence that a specialty is profitable. Advertisers will only pay for magazines in that area if they believe they will get a return on their investment.

You may also look up “top selling magazines” on Google to see what niches are popular.

Fashion, foods, cookery, movies, entertainment, business, lifestyle, and gadgets are just a few of the popular magazine themes.

4. Hobbies

While you may not want to start blogging about your actual profession, you may find that there are components of your job or interests that you’d like to blog about or a common thread that runs across numerous aspects of your life.


The most difficult element of starting a new blog is coming up with blog niche ideas. Nonetheless, if you take the effort to develop a niche topic in which you specialise, you will be able to reach a vast audience eager to consume your high-quality information. Use the blog niche ideas in this article as inspiration; chances are you’ll be able to come up with your own unique niche.

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