How to Get High Quality Backlinks Quickly (7 New Strategies)

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Generating good quality or high authority backlinks are essential. Nowadays, link building is the most crucial strategy for ranking a website higher on Google.

Yes, everyone wants to rank their web pages in the top 10 list of 1st search results. And making a blog recognizable out of millions of webpages is not so easy.

There are so many algorithms of Google that determine whether a website is capable of ranking higher or not. And backlink generation is one of them. Yet, getting higher quality backlinks is not straightforward.

If you are also struggling with making great backlinks for indexing your website, then hold on. Today you will get the best and most comfortable techniques to get quality backlinks at no time. Let’s move right in.

We all know getting links from other websites is essential. But do you know why backlinks are important?

Further, backlinks from random sites or making millions of backlinks in a shorter period is useless.

So, before you know the strategies of getting backlinks, you must understand why generating quality backlinks are so important.

A. Backlinks help you index faster and higher

We all know the most revenue-generating websites are always indexed on the first page. So, it is evident that everyone wants to rank their sites faster and even higher. And here, backlinks are the leading strategy. Yes, the more you get a referral from other higher authority websites, the higher you will get promoted.

B. You can generate more traffic organically

Another motive of making good backlinks is to get more traffic. Backlinks help your site to build authority and promote it as a valuable resource. Ultimately, you get a good ranking and substantial organic traffic.

C. Backlinks from high authority lead more backlinks

If you want backlinks, then also you need to generate quality backlinks. Yes, if your content is relevant to the authority sites, chances are there; they will add your web page as an outbound link.

D. You will get more clicks through the referral sites

Well, there are lots and lots of roles in getting high-quality backlinks from higher DA and PA sites. Yet, another great benefit of generating backlinks includes getting more clicks. More clicks may lead to more subscribers and regular customers. Thus, link building is a must-do part of promoting a business online.

We all know that google’s crawlers search for the higher authority, well-optimized, and often the most popular referring domains. Moreover, relevance is also important than getting backlinks from a higher authority.

For example, you have a health website, and recently you get two backlinks from idreamcareer and Healthline. Which one will be more powerful? Yes, the most relevant one, that is from the Healthline.

So, before you start link building, you must keep an eye on how relevant that website is to your content and their authority value. Now let’s know the best techniques to generate high-quality backlinks.

1. Create In-Depth, Remarkable Content

Imagine. You are selling a product in a mall. That product is beautiful outside and nothing inside. You have applied several sales techniques to sell them.

A few customers were convinced and tried. But, they never come back to you again. Sounds funny! But is it worth?

Yeah, you can guess what idea I want to give you. Your website is much more similar to this instance.

If you are trying to market content with a little to zero value for your customers, it is worthless.

No matter how much you are optimizing that content or promoting strategically if that is unable to meet the customer’s demands, your bounce rates will increase.

So, what I’m explaining?

I am trying to make you understand about the Remarkable in-depth content. Then what is it?

Well, remarkable content is a piece of writing, courses, videos, or other products you want to sell to your potential customers, having high values.

Yes, if you are unable to convince them by your content, then forget all other strategies. I’m not saying that marketing strategies and techniques are useless, but what product you are marketing is essential.

Thus, if you want to get natural backlinks, you must write an eye-catching, fulfilling in-depth content. Sounds impressive, right?

But how? Let me show you right.

Firstly find a topic by simple Google search.

Now see the first page results. So, if you want to beat them, you have to provide more sound information than those websites.

I know it’s not so easy, but value attracts value. So, try to collect advanced information on that topic, which is rarely mentioned.

Excellent writing is a result of in-depth research. So, research well and make a huge outline, so that you can generate ideas and write them in a professional manner.

The next step is to write consistently; you can make a schedule of reading and putting your ideas into words. Finally, make your first draft and wrap it up.

Well, you are all set. But what next? As you always do, marketing. Yah. Just writing is not enough.

You have to make it to reach all of them who create your content look more powerful. Yes, take time and promote it everywhere. You will never get disappointed.

The next step of getting quality backlinks is to build broken links.

Do you know what a broken link is?

A broken link is a link that leads you to a 404:page not found redirect. That means, the target page is removed, or the link is being changed.

How can you get a benefit from it?

You just need to find the outbound links related to your blog posts, and then you have to request the owner to remove the broken one and replace it with yours if they want.

Well, what are the step by step processes?

There are lots of tools you can use to find the broken links on a web page. For a quick analysis, you must install two free Google chrome extensions:

  • Moz bar for checking PA and DA of that site
  • Hunter for hunting emails in a website quickly

It would be best if you also use a backlink checking tool as well. I prefer using ahrefs backlink checker for that task.

Now you have to search for a keyword related to your article. Check for domain authorities and pick the URL of that page. Now it’s time for Ahrefs or any other backlink checker you have.

Paste the URL there and go to the broken option on the left sidebar. You will find the complete list of broken links, if any. Otherwise, go to their primary URL and do the same.

Now refine the list by the do-follow filter and then see the results. You can see the anchor text (the text linked to that broken URL) and understand what you have to write or find a link relevant to your content.

After that, go to that site, find out the email by the hunter extension, and send a humble request to the owner to remove or replace the link.

You can sort out a list of such websites for a single post and send emails altogether.

This is the easiest method for getting backlinks.

Still not convinced?! Let’s jump to the next.

Resource page link building is another tactic of getting links from a website’s “resources” page.

Well, resources pages are those pages actually made for giving backlinks to others.

There are several ways you can find and request for resource pages backlinks. Let’s know right away. This is not that easy as it is looking. You can’t discover resource pages with its original name. In fact, if you visit random sites having resources pages, you can understand they are given different other words.

So, how can you find them?

Search for something like “[your keyword] intitle:resources inurl:resources.html“.

Now you will get a big list of resource pages relevant to your article.

After that, another critical technique comes is reaching that resource page owner for backlinks through emails. There are some strategies for this as well; you have to be very specific and humble if you want your link to add to their resource page.

If you really want to make this strategy work, then refine the most related source pages to your articles.

Create or export a good list of such pages and send requests to their owners.

Congrats, you are all set.

4. Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Well, this technique is one of my favorite strategies for link building.

You can reach the high authority news websites for backlinks through this method.

So, what is HARO?

Well, HARO or Help A Reporter Out is an open, large platform for bloggers and reporters or journalists.

Here journalists from several huge news websites such as fox news, the new York times, mashable, time, entrepreneur, and lots more are connected and post questions regarding their work.

How does it work?

Once you sign up with that website, you become a member of it. And when a reporter posts a query, you will get a notification.

Now, you just have to pitch on that particular question if you really know the answer.

As quickly as you answer, there are more chances that you will get a backlink from them.

Well, how could you do that?

First of all, sign up on that platform as “I am a source.”

Now, you have to subscribe to their free plan and fill the registration form. After that, you will need to confirm your email address. Then they will send you messages whenever the journalists post any questions.

After you get mail, you can choose a more reasonable question, and if you are thinking, you can quickly answer that. There you will get all information regarding the queries along with its deadline.

Reach quickly, if you want to get great backlinks from journalists for free. It would help if you also mailed the answer to their email address with your bio.

Answer that mail and request a backlink at the end of that post. If they consider your answer helpful, then you will definitely get a backlink from their sites.

Alright, this technique will help you to save your website from unwanted traffic down. Wondering how?

Let’s grasp, what is link Reclamation?

Link Reclamation is a way of claiming the backlinks again if it is found broken. There may be several reasons for this. However, the main reason resides in human errors.

Yes, if you updated your website and made some changes like removing any page or changed its URL, links become broken. You don’t even think about how crucial this step is rather than finding new backlinks.

Those broken backlinks may affect your website negatively, and you may lose your authority.

So, how can you reclaim those links?

Well, it’s straightforward. This can be done with three steps:

  • Finding
  • Fixing
  • Reclaiming

You can find those links by using tools like ahrefs or Majestic. You can further point out the 404 redirect pages on your website through a screaming frog or deep crawl tool.

The simple way to remove those errors is to redirect it to 301.

Further, you can fix the broken external links having backlinks to several websites by checking their status.

If those links are 404, you can resolve the issue in the same way you did for broken internal links.

Another thing is the way of claiming your website mentioned in other web pages.

You can discover those websites by Google alerts or other ORM tools and approach them to give you backlinks.

6. Spy on your competitors

Another excellent way to get high-quality backlinks is by stealing your competitor’s links from higher authority sites.

You can do this by using tools like ubersuggest, ahrefs, semrush, or Moz. All are good at spying on your competitors and having different features for that.

The most common tactic you can follow is by using a link intersect option. This option is present in all of the above tools.

So, how can you spy your competitors with the link intersection option?

Well, we are using ahrefs like all other techniques. Firstly, search for a keyword on google, list your competitors in a spreadsheet, and proceed.

You can also do the same task in ahrefs keyword explorer tool. After you got your top competitors, now open the link intersect tool.

Take one of your competitor’s web pages having higher backlinks. You can refine the backlinks to be do-follow.

Put them one by one in the link intersect tool and get results. You will find the most legit and high-quality websites to request for backlinks.

You can also try some other options or filters to get the best results and save a considerable amount of time. 🙂

7. Create Infographics

If you are finding all the above methods challenging to implement, then use this one. Yah, making eye-catching Infographics.

Do you think how an infographic can help you to generate backlinks and drive traffic?

Of course, you can. Infographics are the perfect combination of information and graphics to make knowledge more comfortable to grasp.

Thus, everyone loves reading infographics rather than reading a lengthy blog post.

By making infographics for your site, you can, of course, generate more visitors. But, if you share that infographic to embed in other websites with similar topics, you can get tons of subscribers quickly.

Sounds crazy?! Let’s know how you can easily do that.

Well, if you are thinking that creating an infographic is challenging. Then I will show you the simplest method. Yes, by using tools like infogram or canva, you can readily do that.

Initially, you have to find out useful content with massive traffic by using any of the SEO tools. You can use ahrefs as well.

Next, go to that page and collect the necessary information for your infographic.

Make sure you are adding the essential points in a listing or a graphical format by adding a bar, pie chart, etc. This is so quickly done, just a little patience you need.

After you made it, ask for website owners having the same content as your Infographics to embed there.

Of course, everyone likes to embed your infographic if they find it attractive. And you will get a backlink for free.

Further, you can install a WordPress plugin for providing embed code under that infographics on your website, for sharing purposes.

That’s all! Now you learned the most effective ways to get high-quality backlinks without much effort.


What types of websites you have and what kind of content you are offering doesn’t matter. Link building is always essential for making your business more reachable.

When it reaches more people, you will get more clicks or visitors. Visitors become subscribers or regular customers, and you will ace in this digital era.

So, follow the above-said techniques and get high-quality do-follow and no-follow backlinks quickly and efficiently with no costs.

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