GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review (Updated for 2023)

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The green geeks were founded back in 2008, by Trey Gardner in California. Now all over the worldwide and have been successfully working with his core team of professionals in the past twelve years with the 40 years experienced and trained management team working for the best quality and affordable hosting.

Greengeeks is hosting, which is known worldwide for its dazzle fast website performance in the market. Greengeeks now powers over 300,000 websites all over the world which speaks about the popularity of greengeeks hosting.

Since 2008 greengeeks is serving their customers best server speed which is rated A in all speed tests additionally this hosting is certified with Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) and Carbon Offset Certificate (VER) which makes it a reliable hosting company.

In short, Greengeeks is a web hosting platform you can trust. Greengeeks is the most eco-friendly web hosting by offsetting 300% of the carbon from the energy they use. They offer affordable hosting plans for you to choose; additionally, they have shared VPS and WordPress hosting. I bet you won’t regret selecting Greengeeks hosting.

What are the Hosting Plans for GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks offers a variety of hosting plans with its main feature as eco-friendly hosting with fast speed, security, and reliability to give its customers the best hosting experience with the latest technology and good management system. There are a variety of plans you can choose from according to your needs. They provide you a simple website to a technical one with a huge variety of templates.

Shared Hosting / Eco-friendly hosting

The basic hosting plan or the eco-hosting plan of GreenGeeks comes with a 70% discount when purchased for 3 years that is $2.95 whereas the actual cost of the plan is $9.95 monthly. The site is powered by RAID-10 SSD storage for performance. The site comes up with developer tools, technical support, e-commerce capabilities, security, and reliability. The plan offers various features;

Unlimited web space: The premium plan of shared hosting provides you with unlimited space on a webserver to save all the text files, images, scripts, emails, and databases.

Support for unlimited domains: You can create as many domains as you want with the different hosting plans of GreenGeeks. You can make different websites with different names. It is best suitable for the businesses that sell websites they get really good benefits.

Unlimited email accounts: You can make your different business account as you get unlimited emails like [email protected] You can make personalized emails as many as you want now with this plan.

Free website migration: The Company gives you the beneficial service of migrating your website from GreenGeeks without even charging. You can even ask for the help of their migration specialists to move your site.

MySQL databases: The database is provided to you with the premium plan to add, access, and manage the content of the database. MySQL database is the most reliable, flexible, and easy to use database management system, that is why they provide their customer with this database.

Unlimited data transfer: The plans provided gives you the specific amount of traffic that can be transferred from one server to another like from one site to another.

Free domain name: Customer can register a brand-new domain name with GreenGeeks. You can transfer the existing domain name, without any chargers.

Free nightly backups: They provide you the nightly backup that is saving several copies of your data for the safety of your data and if you need to recover data.

Free SSL certificate: They provide you a free SSL certificate for authentication of a website to enable an encrypted connection with the client. It’s a kind of website insurance.

Includes all developer tools: The tools that everyone can use whether a technical or not easy pic and drop from the site pad and other easy tools for SEO.

30-days money-back guarantee: They provide you to withdraw your money if you don’t like their hosting features. But at the same time, this is also a drawback that they charge the charges that are not included at the time of purchase setup charges and domain.

Amazing web performance: GreenGeeks provides the latest tech for the better and quality performance. They provide you Litespeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP7, and CDN services for free that increases the speed and performance of your website.

300% green energy match: All the websites hosted with GreenGeeks are environment friendly, they work on wind power credits. Availing the hosting plan you are indirectly contributing to the betterment of the environment.

WordPress Hosting

Their WordPress hosting with GreenGeeks is same as shared hosting plan, but its performance is optimized for WordPress website with various features;

  • Unlimited website hosting
  • Unlimited webspace
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free domain name for 1 year
  • 300%green energy match
  • Free CDN
  • Free nightly backup
  • Unlimited e-mail account
  • WordPress updates
  • Unlimited database
  • Quality performance
  • Free IP

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting provides cPanel & WHM to access websites with 1-click and enjoy plugins with amazing performance. It also provides various features including;

  • 60-160 GB SSD disk space
  • 600-1600 GB transfer
  • 60-80 cPanel account
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free panel migration
  • Management support
  • 30 days money back
  • Complete Green hosting

What are the GreenGeeks Features?

Your hosting with GreenGeek gives you so many features for everything you need. One of the best features is that they provide you a personal connection to solve any of your problems and give a contribution to the environment by using renewable energy for the website you host with them.

Growing speed technology

GreenGeeks managed to show the excellent speeds in the tests from all over Asia to North America as the database of the website is managed by fastest hardware and servers.

  • SSD fastest hardware is used to configure websites & databases in the redundant RAID-10 storage array.
  • Lite speed & MariaDB fastest web and DB servers used for reading/writing fast providing pages 50 times faster speed.
  • Lscache fastest app loading server which helps in running applications faster.
  • Free CDN powered by cloud fare, fasters the load time allows cache content, serving visitors with fast web serving.
  • HTTP3 / QUIC latest network protocol which helps in significantly increases browser-page-load time are enabled.
  • Php 7 is enabled on all the servers for the fastest execution.
Enhanced Security & Reliability

GreenGeeks provides websites with completely secure and reliable through-

  • Account isolation ensures that accounts are provisioned with self computing resources and are secured with virtual file system VFS so that no other user can impact site traffic or computing resource demands.
  • Linux is an isolated technology, providing users with a Secured virtualized File System to protect them from malware and other malicious activity.
  • Real-time scanning for tracing the file to scan the change of any file.
  • Clustered security is third-party software that allows having the ability to identify harmful attacks all over the network and develop security guidelines before the problem comes.
  • Pro-active monitoring is the critical admiration to identify address potential problems and helps in maintaining 99.9% uptime on web hosting.
  • Nightly backups to get your data recovered several copies of data are added as a safety measure.
Environmentally responsible platform

GreenGeeks hostings are designed with maximum use and no waste of resources. The hosting platforms are built energy efficiency by using 3 times energy in the form of renewable energy via the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. They ensure that all the websites hosted with them are carbon-reducing.

Your site is helping the environment by hosting it eco-friendly. GreenGeeks are certified green companies, recognized as EPA Green Power Partner with the environmental foundation for the purchase of wind energy credits.

Recently, the data centers have been moved to take the advantage of free cooling, in the chilly winters to reduce operational cost and carbon imprints the data center facilitates additional cooling circuits for the equipment’s and the servers.

Convenient and Easy for Newbies and Non-technical People

It provides unlimited access to accounts, free domain registration, and website migration facilities at just $2.95 for the first few years or months and after renewal at $9.95. It is convenient for newbies who don’t have much knowledge about website making. They can easily make a website with the tools and their customer support if any problems come.

  • HTTP/2 and MariaDB help in increasing the website speed to load faster, through SSD hard drives and optimizing Litespeed and power cache. These are the main factors affecting speed GreenGeeks increases the performance and speed of the website on their own without your effort. So id you don’t have knowledge of website making then also you can make.
  • Site pad Site Builder- GreenGeeks provide drag and drop site builder facility, so it doesn’t require knowledge of coding. It serves with pre-designed templates and a wide array of widgets to choose from and modify. Although the site pad is the third pad app GreenGeeks has integrated into their control panel.
  • Encrypted SSL Integration for used hosted on shared and resellers hosting platforms. Users using the platform can download at just one-click install and renew their SSL certificate.
  • Extensive Security provided by GreenGeeks with account isolation and VFS security. By keeping account based on the server and scanning for malware.
Customer satisfaction & support

GreenGeeks runs for terms of customer service with everything their customer want. They provide 24*7 email, phone support, and live chat with their knowledgeable and helping management team. They also have some tutorials for help like for how to set up email for your account and many more, even platform-specific help for WordPress or Drupal. The only place where they lack is video-based tutorial’s which is becoming important these days.

The company is 110% dedicated to its customer service and helps in a complete solution for your website easily and quickly. The friendliest management staff helps the web host seekers with almost every help really easily. If you ever feel dissatisfied and their involvement more, they are there to serve your all hosting needs.

What are the Pros?

Bulks of benefits are provided to you with the hosting plan of GreenGeeks. We always look for the best considerations about the service. Here are the top main features you can consider when you buy their plans. They provide you with the best quality & reliable hosting.

Page Loading Time is Minimum: As per the test conducted through various centers the site has shown the best performance and excellently fast response time that is 445ms. But at some places like in Singapore there was a slight decrease In speed because there is no data center of GreenGeeks at that location.

Good Support System: The management team respond to the queries really fast, politely with accurate answer the customer wants. GreenGeeks is always there to help their customers through 24*7*365 email, call, chat, and blog support. You don’t have to wait for replies like on other sites they give instant and quick replies, even they talk to you really sweetly.

Free Domain name and Website Migration: They provide free Domain Name & Website Migration.

Websites are eco-friendly: All the websites hosted with GreenGeeks are environment friendly as they work on by wind power credits. They opt for renewable energy from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation for the website and server you use. Indirectly you are contributing to the environment.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: They provide you to withdraw your money if you don’t like their hosting.

Multiple High-Quality data Server Locations: GreenGeeks have their data centers in Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Phoenix, and make sure that you can enjoy all the benefits of web hosting like speed, security, and eco-friendly technology.

Free CDN powered by Cloudfare: For the best and fast delivery of the internet, CDN allows you to transfer assets of the websites. Like HTML pages, JavaScript files, images, and videos through the internet and gives the customer smooth and fast services.

What are the Cons?

With everything you consider about the hosting plan while you purchase every services has some drawbacks too. Although GreenGeeks have so much to consider while purchasing but there are so arguments you must know and don’t fall into a trap while you go for any hosting plan with GreenGeeks.

Price manipulation for making new customers: Website hosting cost matters a lot, usually all the website hosting companies provide on sale and once you buy then after a month they start charming at a normal price. They provide cheap price tags only to their first customer.

When you go to renew your hosting plan they charge their regular rates. Although this is quite common in the web hosting market. Most customers realize that there plan has been to the normal when they see their card statement. This is causing an indirect fraud to the customer; I think this should be mentioned in the terms.

Refund policy doesn’t include setup fees: Green geek provides 30 days money back guaranty, but according to their policy, they don’t refund setup and domain fees. Although it’s ok not to refund domain registration fee and addon features cost like SSL, CDN, etc as they have to pay to the third party but it’s unfair to charge “free” set up cost which was not included in their purchase.


Green Geeks looks for a bigger vision, not just providing web hosting. It not only provides the fastest speed, uptime, and good customer support but also supports the eco-system. They are providing quality hosting from the best servers at a very low rate. Green Geeks are one of the best and fastest growing hosting providers worldwide.

They are very reliable and trustworthy, the management team is super good with patience and knowledge to support the customer base. They have developed their customer base through their best services and customer support interaction. One can choose this for hosting as they provide 24*7*365 support for any problem that you have.

Greengeeks hosting always come up with affordable prices and the best quality for their customers as told above, so for those reasons, you should consider Greengeeks hosting for your projects.

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