How to Find Exciting Blog Post Ideas using SEMrush?

Are you a new blogger? Or, do you just run out of fresh content to publish on your blog?

Well, this problem is not only limited to you. We all become blank someday after finishing a couple of exciting blog posts.

For new bloggers, it’s often challenging to find the right content to rank higher on search engines like Google.

And we all know “content is king”. So, it’s essential to know whether or not your blog posts are effective enough for your audience.

Otherwise, you need to change the type of articles you are publishing.

But wait! What should you publish? Do you have any idea?

SEMrush All-in-One Marketing Toolkit

Well, don’t bother. Here in this article, I’m going to show you the best techniques to find blog post ideas using a premium tool, namely Semrush. So, let’s jump right in.

How to Find Blog Post Ideas?

Finding blog post ideas is not a critical task. However, finding the right content to write is challenging.

What would happen if you wrote an article with lots of research and effort, but no one would reach it? That’s odd, right?

So, finding the right blog post by knowing some background information, like targeted keyword, search volume, traffic, CPC and most importantly difficulty level, to rank that content on top pages of Google is crucial.

You might think of a free alternative to finding just ideas of blog posts by google suggestion, answer the public, forums, Reddit, magazines or Pinterest like platforms.

But, can you imagine how they can be helpful for you to index on search engines? Aww… I don’t think they can inform you.

That’s why lots of digital marketing experts recommend using a paid tool like Ahref, Semrush, Moz, etc.

Ahrefs or other keyword research tools are also great in their ways, but there are so many reasons why we are suggesting you to use Semrush.

SEMrush Stats and Facts

The first reason is its huge keyword database of about 20 billion keywords from 140 different countries which is greater than others.

The second reason is its features. Yes, Semrush provides you with several kinds of features which can be helpful in any sort of SEO process for your website (we’ll discuss them later on this article).

SEMrush SEO Benefits

So, it’s really worth purchasing the premium plan if you really want your blog posts to rank higher on google.

So, get ready and let’s dig deeper into the steps to find the best blog post ideas effortlessly.

1. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

First and topmost way of finding content ideas is through the “keyword magic tool” by Semrush.

Yes, it’s a great keyword research tool which can help you with finding the ideal blog posts for your targeted audience.

But, how can you find blog post ideas with this tool?

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Let me show you straight with an example.

Suppose you have a site on diet and nutrition. You want to find some good content ideas on “diet” by knowing what your audience is searching right now.

So, firstly sign in to your semrush dashboard and then open the keyword magic tool. Then in that search bar enter your seed keyword, choose country and click on search. According to our example, the seed keyword is “diet”.

You will get lots of results; here we have 1,492,107 keywords with their search volume, trend, keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, SERP features and results.

SEMrush Keyword Research

Now you can see there are lots of variants of diet that means you have several blog post ideas.

You can export them and conduct further content research whenever you need it.

Now, I want to write on the military diet. So, there can be lots of variation of content that can be written with this particular keyword.

How can I know what exactly I should write? Simply, by narrowing down the list. So, let’s see how to do this.

SEMrush Keyword Overview

Click on that particular keyword, and you can see the overview. Scroll down, and you will find lots of other keywords related to that particular keyword.

Click on “view all” from any one of them. Here I choose question keywords.

Now you can get lots of content ideas regarding that broad keyword. Export all and refer them to write your next blog post.

SEMrush Keyword Suggetion

2. Create Subtopics For Your Most Popular Articles

Well, if you have an existing blog having lots of contents ranking high on google, then you have another great way of finding the best blog post ideas.

For instance, let’s say you have an article on “the beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting” which is the most popular blog post on your diet and nutrition niche.

So, how can you find blog post ideas from that post?

The best way of doing so is through some analytics from Semrush. So, let’s see!

Firstly, open semrush’s keyword magic tool.

Now enter the target keyword you gave in your most popular blog post. For example, we have “intermittent fasting.” So, after searching, we get some basic keyword or content ideas regarding intermittent fasting.

Keyword Magic Tool Overview

But we are not getting any specific ideas from this. So, now we have to narrow down our research by applying filters. We can use phrase match or exact match for long-tail keywords.

However, I have another way to find out great content ideas with semrush.

Click on any of the keyword groups on the left sidebar as I clicked on “weight”. Now there are lots of ideas we get for writing content on intermittent fasting and weight loss.

SEMrush Keyyword Group

For example, I got a solid idea for my next blog post on that diet and nutrition niche, from the above-seen keywords: “5 mistakes you are probably doing for losing weight in intermittent fasting”.

In the same way, you can get several series of contents from your most viewed blog posts. This will be helpful in internal linking as well.

If you’re confused, which is your most popular post, then visit google analytics. There you will get lots of information about the best contents on your website.

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3. Spy Your Competitors for Content Ideas

Well, the easiest way to find blog post ideas for your blog is through your competitors. Yes, you can get extensive contents by spying on your competitor’s web pages.

Fine, you can discover several types of contents from those websites in a variety of ways. You can go and directly check their blog post and can comprehend which topics you have not covered yet.

However, the ideal method of stealing content ideas from competitors is through using an SEO tool like Semrush or Ahrefs.

Here you can find out the most popular keywords of your opponents for which they are ranking on top pages of google. Further, you will get a suggestion of how much effort you will need to do in SEO to beat your competitions.

Wondering, how? Let’s have a look.

First of all, you need to detect some of your competitors from the top pages of google.

Competitor Research

After you get 3-4 of your competitors, quickly move to semrush.

Now, you will find the domain overview tool under domain analytics.

SEMrush Dashboard

Simply, copy the URL of your competitor, then paste and search. You will get an overview of your competitor’s website.

SEMrush Domain Overview

Now click on the organic keywords, and you will land on another page. Scroll down to find out your relevant blog post ideas. Filter according to your need.

Here we can narrow down keywords according to search volumes and keyword difficulty. You can see some of these content keywords are having high volume as well as high difficulty.

According to Semrush, a keyword having difficulty less than 39% is easier to rank. So, filter in that way to find easy to rank blog post ideas.

SEMrush Organic Search Positions

Here, you can also get title ideas by clicking on the SERP feature.

Analyze more and then export for future reference.

4. Identify Common Questions In Your Niche

The main motive behind writing blog posts is to solve problems of real audiences. And you can solve those by knowing the exact difficulties.

So, identifying some common questions in your blog niche is a better idea if you want compelling blog posts to write about.

This can be employed in various ways. You can prefer “answer the public website” or google suggestion “people also ask” to discover more relevant questions people ask.

People Also Ask Questions

Further, quora, Redditt, twitter and web forums are good options to note commonly asked questions with some answer suggestions as well.

Yet, how can you figure out whether or not they can attract traffic?

Well, this can only be identified through tools. Let’s find out questions using Semrush.

Search any seed keyword on the keyword overview search bar. Let’s say; we searched for the keto diet plan here. Now, scroll down, and you will get lots of related questions there.

SEMrush Questions Keyword

Now click on “view all keywords”. You can see all the questions asked by people about the “keto diet plan” here.

SEMrush Keyword Filter

Explore more if you get a vast list. Then export that list or apply filters like phrase match or exact match for more keywords to target on your content.

Watch for trends, keyword difficulty, search volume for better-targeted content.

5. SEMrush Topic Research Tool

Using SEMrush has another exceptional advantage. Oui, I am talking about the SEMrush Topic Research tool.

Genuinely most of us remain unaware of such an amazing tool which can assist you in all possible ways to generate a bulk list of awesome content ideas.

Have you heard about this?

Anyways, let’s know the step by step process of using this tool for finding good blog post topics.

For beginning, you have to click on the topic research option from the sidebar. Then enter the seed keyword of your niche. Now, choose the country and click on the content ideas button.

SEMrush Topic Research

For example, here we take the keyword “Paleo diet”. Then we get an overall idea about some related contents of its subtopics.

Here you can see the Facebook engagement, backlinks and total shares as well. You can quickly add topics of your relevance by clicking on the plus sign after the total share row.

SEMrush Topic Explorer

Topic research tool of semrush displays content ideas as explorer, cards and mind map. The explorer section you just saw. Let’s see the amazing ideas as cards.

A fun fact about the card section is you will find great headlines and related questions as well as keywords after clicking on each card.

SEMrush Topic Cards

That means, now you don’t need to think about the titles more deeply. At a single place, you will get great content ideas along with its title suggestions.

Now, if we move to the mind map tab, we can see bundles of keywords or relevant blog post ideas as brain-storming ways. Similar to the cards section, here also you will get headlines cum references, questions and related searches.

SEMrush Content Mind Map

Now, you don’t need to waste lots of time on content research. You can export the entire content list and if you want more information, perform deep research in other tools.

In topic research tools, moreover, you can prioritize topic as volume, difficulty and topic efficiency.

Some other functionalities such as scheduling the task, generating an SEO template for high-quality content and sending the task to Trello can also be accomplished efficiently.

Try them and get the best results.


Ta-da! You just made a good list of topics for your next blog posts. Well, it’s not that difficult. It demands some time, but after that what you will get is a great reward for a longer period.

You should try all the above-said techniques to make a huge list of contents along with some other information. If you sort out according to your needs and more relevant ones by applying filters, it will be a great list.

Export all keywords into an excel sheet and manually filter them along with the schedule, so that you can go through a flow.

After all, if you still want more content ideas to use Pinterest, twitter, google trends, Reddit, forums, quora, or simply google to generate keyword ideas. Then perform further research by putting keywords all at a time or manually in the Semrush and enjoy!

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