Best Keyword Research Tools – You Should Definitely Consider

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Are you a digital marketer or a content producer? Well, in each case, keyword research is an essential step.

However, these tools are so expensive yet powerful that grasping the idea about the best one is difficult.

A single keyword has a big impact on a business. If you have started a new business and want to take it online, then keyword research will reduce your work to almost half.

Choosing keywords manually is just a waste of a huge amount of time; which can be contributed to its promotion and other important tasks. Thus, opting for a great tool is crucial in order to save a considerable amount of time and effort.

Each tool has its own specialized features and uniqueness. But as a single man army or a small agency, it becomes impossible to invest in all of them.

But don’t worry, we are here for you. Today we will represent three amazing tools that you can easily perform SEO for scaling your business quickly. Now, let’s dive deeper!

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2022

Well, there are lots and lots of keyword research and other kinds of tools helpful in SEO, as well as the marketing of your business and services you provide.

Yet, for saving your time overthinking, which one is best to initiate with, and to continue lifelong, here, we have the three best keyword research tools along with several other functionalities.

We will provide tools with their pricing guide and unique features. This will help you understand which you need to grow your website rapidly with less effort.

1. SEMrush

So, firstly we have SEMrush as our best keyword research tool. SEMrush is one of the most popular keyword research tools used by around 6 million marketers globally.

It has a database of 140 different countries with 20 billion keywords, which is definitely not a small number.

But how can this be beneficial for your business?

SEMrush keyword research section consists of 6 tools, such as:

Keyword Overview – For understanding how valuable that particular keyword is for your business by seeing the overall data and competition level.

Organic Research – This tool shows the ideal keywords from your competitors’ website.

Keyword Magic Tool – This section helps you perform the keyword or content research, which will be useful for SEO and paid ads.

Keyword Gap – If you want to get more visibility on Google, you should find out the keywords working best for your competitors. This can be easily discovered by getting the keywords that intersect all of your competitors.

Keyword Manager – This is the place where you can manage all of your collected keywords from other tools. You can further export them for future reference.

Organic Traffic Insights – You can visualize the traffic values, trends, and much more on a single dashboard.

Besides keyword research, you can accelerate your business by different tools for social media marketing, on-page seo, link building, local seo, rank tracking, competitors seo analysis, content marketing, content creation and distribution, content optimization, market analysis, competitor analysis, paid to advertise, PPC keyword research, etc.

Now let’s discuss its plans and pricing.

In SEMrush, you will find three different kinds of plans with separate price ranges.

  • The cheapest one is the Pro, which has a price of $99.95 per month.

Here you will get limited features, including 10,000 results per report. This plan is ideal for startups, freelancers, and in-house marketers.

  • The second one is Guru with a monthly price of $199.95 where you will get 30,000 results per report and a few more features than the pro plan.

Guru plan works best for growing marketing agencies.

  • The last one is business, which has a subscription of $399.95 per month. It has all the advanced features required for growing an agency or e-commerce businesses.

In each case, you can save upto 16% by annual billing. Further, you will find a small free trial for Pro and guru plans.

2. Ahrefs

Our second choice is Ahrefs, which is one of the most famous backlink analysis tools. But, this is not it’s only feature.

You can easily find a good list of profitable keywords through its keyword explorer tool.

A series of filters can be applied for discovering keywords for any business. Here you will get a brief idea of keyword difficulty and how much effort you should make for ranking a site on top SERP results.

In lots of features, it is comparable to the keyword magic tool of Semrush. However, a few points are more clear in Ahrefs and a few in Semrush.

Now let’s understand how Ahrefs will be the ideal option for your business:

  • It has a keyword index with 7.8 billion keywords from 221 countries and ten search engines.
  • You will get the most accurate search volume data, which are refined by clickstream data.
  • You can easily find out the clicks metrics to understand the importance of the keyword.
  • Marketers and SEO experts get lots of help by the keyword difficulty score of a single keyword. This is also helpful for small businesses to find the low-competition but high volume keywords to rank higher.
  • Other keyword matrices like return rate, click-through rate (CTR), paid clicks, etc. are also a great feature found in this tool.
  • Further, it shows parent topics for finding all targeted keywords comfortably within a particular parent topic.
  • A SERP feature will show you the top-ranking pages and justifies their position.

Besides keyword explorer, Ahrefs also contains several other tools such as site audit tool, content explorer, rank tracker, and also site explorer tool. This comprises the complete SEO toolkit by Ahrefs.

Now, let’s know what the plans and pricing of this amazing keyword research as well as the SEO tool are.

You can start with a $7 for seven days trial. Besides, it has four different plans with both monthly and yearly pricing options.

  • The first one is Lite, which has a price of $99 per month for a single user.
  • The second one is Standard and the most popular plan with a price of $179 per month. This is also for the use of a single user.
  • The third one is Advanced, where three users can access all the features and have to pay a price of $399 per month.
  • The fourth one is the agency, and as its name shows, it is meant for agencies and huge businesses where five users can easily access all options with a price of $999 per month.

You will get a discount of two months free by paying annually.

3. KWFinder

If you are a freelancer or a small business, then kwfinder will help you to refine long-tail keywords having low SEO difficulty.

It has a user friendly and easy to use interface which can be easily employed by anyone.

The following features make this keyword research tool ideal for marketers and can scale your business too:

  • You will get an accurate search volume like the other two.
  • It has keywords from 50,000 locations, which is why it’s best for your local business as well.
  • With Mangool’s KWfinder, you can search the best keywords to target from a database of 2.5 billion keywords.

Mangool also has different other tools for complete SEO of a site. These include serp checker, serpwatcher, linkminer, site profiler.

Now, let’s know its pricing for different plans such as basic, premium, and agency.

  • The basic plan has a basic service with $49 per month, where you will get 100 queries per day.
  • A premium plan for KWfinder involves 500 keyword lookups per day with a price of $69 monthly.
  • With the Agency plan, you will get advanced features, including 1200 keyword queries per day, for monthly billing of $129.

Like the above two keyword research tools, here also you will get a discount on yearly billing but 40%, which is much higher than others.

Note that pricing can be changed later.


All of these three tools are awesome for growing a business from zero to hero. Kwfinder and SEMrush have a free trial that you can utilize to observe whether it is suitable for your business.

Ahrefs is also considered as the ideal tool for all kinds of SEO tactics, but it will not provide a free trial. But if you are purchasing this tool, then it is worth every penny.

From the above description, you can understand each tool is not just limited to keyword research, but they assist you in increasing your traffic in every manner.

Out of three, KWfinder is the cheapest option and has limited features, and may not be ideal if you are looking for something for competitor research or content marketing. (They have different tools for different purposes).

However, it is the best choice at a lower price if you can’t afford others. This will assist you with the complete keyword research process.

You can start with this tool and go further to others after growing your business. But, it’s always in your hand what you are thinking about the best option in the long run.

These are the best keyword research tools if you want to increase your leads and establish a brand in this digital era.

We hope this article is useful for clearing all of your dilemmas; for more such in-depth contents, follow us.

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