Best Dedicated Server Hosting of 2023 (Reviewed & Compared)

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Bluehost Dedicated Server Review

Bluehost is giving its web hosting services all over the world since 2003. It is known as one of the cheapest, largest, and most reliable web hosting servers globally. Serving more than almost 2 million websites all over the globe, the brand is recognized to guarantee good discounts on price to its customers.

Bluehost is found to be one of the most user-friendly web hosting service providers and it can be used by anyone – starting from new bloggers to reputed e-commerce companies.

Bluehost provides varied ranges of services and products to enable any website or online shop to grow. Its service helps to support any hosting – from WordPress and shared to other website building tools.

Bluehost Plans

Bluehost has the in-house team to create and maintain all of their servers. It has three dedicated, distinct, and reliable hosting plans:

  • standard
  • enhanced
  • premium

Their value for money plan comes with free global CDN, unmetered bandwidth, and SSL certificates. Their plan comes on a reliable and strong platform that is available with daily, weekly, or monthly back up packages.

Technical features of plan

Standard plan offers:

  • Mirrored storage: 500GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Bandwidth:5TB
  • CPU:4*2.3GHz

Enhanced Plan offers:

  • Mirrored storage: 1TB
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Bandwidth:10TB
  • CPU:4*2.5 GHz

Premium Plan offers:

  • Mirrored storage: 1TB
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Bandwidth:15TB
  • CPU:4*3*3 GHz

Validated By WordPress

It is among one of the three hosting companies, which is validated by WordPress. If you have a plan to develop a blog or website, you should not forget the contribution of this web hosting service provider.

It is the most affordable shared hosting plan and its single domain will cost you a few dollars per month. If you plan to buy unlimited domains and subdomains, then you have to invest only a few more dollars.

Bluehost never targets only beginners. But they are loyal contributors to the Open Source Community. They also offer advanced developer tools like completely custom-built Linux kernel, FTP, and SSH access.

Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and it is valid for all dedicated server hosting plans. If any customer wants to discontinue within 30 days and wants a refund after the 30 days, then he will be entitled to a prorated refund for the balance amount of the offered plan.

Additional Features

Bluehost provides opportunities to the web designers and big IT companies to add other dedicated servers to the existing plans. Or, it allows you to have a shared or VPN plan with Bluehost. It allows you to manage all of them from the same place.

In short, features offered by Bluehost Dedicated Web hosting Server are the most competitive and advanced option for the global customers nowadays.

Who is dedicated hosting for?

In case you realize that your present web hosting isn’t sufficiently fulfilling your and client’s need then it’s time to switch to a dedicated system. Alternately stating it is a hosting plan put forward by companies where you owe physical system and a dedicated server for functioning exclusively.

Honestly stating if your e-commerce firm is not worried about the cost then it’s the best option. In this plan, you don’t have to worry of the technical constraints like download and upload speed, traffic, privacy, bandwidth, security disk space, all in all, you will have complete control on the system. It guarantees the highest speed of loading, the capability of managing site traffic, data storage RAM and CPU taking complete control on scripts and apps on the server. You can surely generate more return on investment as the major footfall of large e-commerce firm is their website where they touch base their clients. In that case, the website needs to be fast engaging with quick response.

Following are advantages of using dedicated hosting:

Performance: In today’s much competitive environment the prospective client doesn’t wait for more than three seconds for the complete load of the website. In this case, the website provides a better response hence improving the rank which is directly proportional to the generation of more revenue.

Full control of the server: Although dedicated hosting incurs a huge cost, resultantly it gives complete coverage of the resources. It can be configured in the desired format, giving it the best speed for loading the website ultimately resulting in more website hits and stop by henceforth more revenue generation.

Security: This is the most obvious kind of benefit it offers over others hosting, as it isn’t sharing the servers with anyone else hence keeping it secure. This also helps reduce chances of malware and security attacks.

Given the significant benefits, it is surely an attractive option – but the associated high cost is surely a limiting factor. If we talk in terms of size and age of the organization, if the firm is new with small sites and less traffic then it won’t be a good choice to use dedicated hosting considering heavy pocket cost. On the other hand, it is a recommended option for sites with many users maybe millions, and huge traffic which can really use the corresponding provided benefits.

How to choose the best dedicated server hosting?

A Server is a computer program that manages other programs or devices often known as ‘Clients’. It administers access to other centralized resources and a single overall computation is disbursed across all processes.

Choosing the best-dedicated server might be a subjective task. The factors that make it best for you might not be helpful for others. So while narrowing down the list of options, always select the one that perfectly suits all your requirements.

How to choose the best-dedicated server?

The important features you need to keep in mind while choosing the best server:


Processor: The more powerful you want your server to be, the more potent it should be the processor. If your need for your website is video Transcoding, SQL, or chat servers, you will definitely opt for a powerful processor.

Bandwidth: Keep an eye on your website traffic. The bandwidth is directly proportional to the traffic of your website-Higher the traffic more will be the bandwidth.

Memory: Upgrading the capacity of your RAM will lead to better speed.

Operating System: Depending on the type of application you are running, you can choose between LINUX or Windows OS.


One of the essential factors that you need to consider while choosing the best server is security. How secure your data center relies on:

  • Can unauthorized users enter the data center?
  • If there is a failure of the server, are your data safe?
  • How are hackers kept at bay?

Analyze your Requirements

1. Types of Server: Depending on the list of activities you will perform you can choose from certain specific server options:

  • File server
  • Domain server
  • Communication server
  • Database server

2. Traffic: Web traffic refers to the amount of data that your website receives through your visitors.

3. Budget: Money plays a key role in all the above choices. The amount you can dedicate to finding the best server as per your needs will be a crucial decision. However, the right server is worth the investment.

4. Hosting providers: You have the option to choose between a dedicated server and a cloud server. While the former is more secure since it is not shared with anyone, the latter is a virtual server that you can update anytime.

Thus, deciding on the best server is not an easy task for sure. The decision should be well planned so that it pays off in the future.

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