Best Cloud Hosting Providers of 2023 (Reviewed & Compared)

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DreamHost Cloud Hosting Review

DreamHost is a global leader in providing internet and hosting solutions. Today, with the dynamic situations businesses face, there is a valid demand for constant uptime & 100% online availability. Considering the rate at which businesses are facing change, the latest emergence in the field of hosting your online resources, is best done through cloud hosting. Cloud hosting, indeed, is the latest and DreamHost brings to you their unmatched cloud hosting solution, which is high on performance, very flexible and scalable to suit your business requirements.

Not only do DreamHost’s all-SSD Cloud servers enable you to run applications on the OS of your choice – be it MongoDB, Redis or node.js, ruby, python, but we also offer added advantages of scalable server space and variety, through DreamCompute – our cloud computing system, engineered around OpenStack and Ceph.

With DreamHost cloud hosting you can –

  • Power up your website and other online resources, which need to be up and accessible 24/7. Put up your website content and other online resources (CRMs and other applications) with our lightning-fast cloud hosting services, strongly supported with the latest hardware, fluid servers and multiple caching layers.
  • Gain edge with DreamCompute, our patented cloud hosting product, your website will experience unparalleled speeds, assured by our SSD disks, nextgen processors and powerful networks.
  • Bring on your OS as is; we are completely compatible with any OS of your choice. Whether it is a Linux, BSD or even MS Windows system, DreamHost blends with all, thereby removing any worry you may have about your operating system riding on DreamHost’s cloud hosting.
  • Turbocharge the performance of your website and online resources, plus get to switch or even add to your server(s) automatically, thanks to DreamHost’s OpenStack-compatible API feature along with one of the widest range of devops tools. Such flexibility, allows our customers to scale up their servers on demand and that too with just a few clicks.
  • If it is privacy and/or large scale growth that’s on the cards, DreamHost cloud hosting is just the right hosting partner. We understand that businesses grow and we support you seamlessly during your growth phase, simply by ensuring super smooth migrations from shared cloud space to your own private cloud space, whenever your business scale so demands.

DreamHost Cloud hosting is open source and we share our hosting architecture with your teams during server expansion and/or migration periods, to ensure your business sails through smoothly, without any downtime or glitches whatsoever.

If you are seeking the best cloud hosting service, then DreamHost is the ultimate answer to your needs. You can glance through our cloud hosting packages here and avail of the promos we have presently!

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Technology has reached significant levels in today’s world. You cannot imagine the survival without science and technology. The records and the data are precious things to maintain for every project. Cloud hosting helps you to outsource the computing and storage service for your projects and websites. Also, various service providers can handle a massive amount of traffic. They help you to get the quick and faster working of sites.

Functioning Of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the process of activating space on a large extend. This provides extensible and elastic software services by using the latest technology. Cloud hosting generally exists on multiple servers. And hence offer the best hosting service in the cloud. The hosting has changed the working of various companies and various institutions. Cloud hosting improves the uptime and grows its servers without any delay.

Types Of Cloud Types

  • Public cloud – Whole computing infrastructure located in the cloud, offers the best cloud service
  • Private cloud – All the computing infrastructure located on the cloud is not shared,
  • Hybrid cloud – Works for both the public cloud and private cloud and hence can keep the data secured if essential.
  • Community cloud – Data are shared within the organization and have a common purpose where sharing is essential.

Now further, let’s have a brief on the cloud services.

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allows you to rent the Infrastructure on the server. Also, it gives the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) refers to the demand and supply. It allows you to develop, test, deliver, and manage the software. PaaS also allows creating web pages, mobile apps without worrying about the Infrastructure.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) helps to deliver the software over the internet along with the subscription. Hosting is possible on SaaS within the given Infrastructure.

There are a lot of cloud hosting service providers over the internet. They have monthly and yearly subscriptions as per the requirement. Also, trusted service providers are required for the long run of the project. Changing too many service providers is sometimes harmful and not advisable.


Depending on the use and the security required, you can easily have the best cloud hosting services. Security becomes essential to have the safest working environment. In addition to this, cloud hosting helps to build your project. It can grow your project to a higher level with the best security.

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