Amazon Affiliate Marketing 101: How to Build a Successful Amazon Affiliate Site (Step by Step)

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Do you know, what is the simplest way to earn money online? Have you ever heard the term affiliate marketing? Do you know which affiliate marketing program is the simplest one to start with?

Well, the answer to all of the above questions is Amazon’s affiliate marketing. Either you may have tried this before and never get success, or you are completely new to this in any way, don’t bother.

Here we have all sorts of information regarding the Amazon Affiliate program so that you can generate a good source of income readily.

So, let’s dive right in!

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Before knowing the ways of establishing a successful affiliate marketing business, let’s know what this program is about.

Well, the Amazon affiliate program is a program from amazon for promoting its products through affiliates. An affiliate may have a considerable number of audiences so that he or she can promote Amazon’s products easily.

You can simply register to amazon’s affiliate program and get approval for embedding Amazon’s product links on your social media accounts or even on your site.

Before joining, you should know amazon’s policy of promoting products. Firstly you need to disclose that you are using amazon affiliate links. Besides, there are lots of other policies you must read and follow.

Paid traffic and social media are good ways to generate great affiliate revenue, but it is not recommended for beginners. If you have just started affiliate marketing, you should begin with a niche site. Here we will discuss everything about jumping out.

Instead of registering and targeting only a single country, you can further generate a good income through geotargeting (targeting all amazon affiliate sites of different countries).

The registration process for the amazon affiliate program is straightforward. You just need to search amazon associates and click on sign up.

It may redirect you to the amazon’s login page (if you already have an amazon account). After login, the procedure for creating an amazon associate account will start. You have to fill all the essential information in order to complete the process and get approval.

A good thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that you will get a commission for the entire cart an individual buys by clicking on your affiliate link for 24 hours.

However, before applying for an amazon associate account, you need to have a website (the beginner’s way of successful affiliate marketing business).

So, let’s dig deeper into how to construct a revenue-generating affiliate website.

How to Build a Successful Amazon Affiliate Website in 2023?

Making an affiliate website seems effortless. Yet, if you don’t keep an eye on some important points, you will face a huge loss. Don’t worry, for that reason only; we are here to guide you in each step so that you will kick start this business without thinking much.

Now let’s understand how to make a successful amazon affiliate website.

1. Choose a Good Niche

The first important thing to remember prior to building an affiliate site is choosing a good niche.

Niche is basically a topic which decides which product or services you are going to promote. You might be thinking that it’s straightforward, but it is the place where most of the newbies lose motivation.

So how can you choose the most profitable niche right away?

Well, here our motivation is to make our visitors buy something from Amazon. So, we must know which products are searched throughout the year and have a good commission rate.

For knowing your niche, firstly search amazon affiliate commission on Google. After that, you will get a result where you can find the commission rate given for all categories in Amazon.

For example, let’s say we want to target Indian audiences. So we need to know the commission rate for each product in Amazon India.

Here you can see the highest commission rate that is 10% for “data storage device”. After that, the most popular as well as profitable products, are the first three rows. From this, you can get ideas of the broader niches.

After choosing one, for example, we want to make a website on “kitchen appliances.” Yet, it is a broad niche, and the broader the niche, the time it will take to grow. So, we need to narrow it down.

So, how to do that?

Simply visit the Amazon website and click on the “full shop directory” option. Now in the home and kitchen section, you will get a subcategory “kitchen appliances.” Click on it, and you will see different kinds of products like mixers, microwave oven, induction cooktops, etc.

So, each product is a niche itself after choosing one from them. For example, let’s say we chose “microwave ovens.”

Now the next step is to find whether or not it’s demanding for the entire year. This can be done by searching the term “microwave oven” on Google trends. A consistent peak of above 30 is good enough to select a product as a niche.

You can select several niches in this way and then conduct some more research by calculating the revenue you will get from each product you sell.

Choose a few products you have an interest in and paste them in an excel sheet. Now you can multiply the average product price with conversion and commission rate to determine the profit you will get.

In that way, you can compare different niches and can find out the best as well as the most valuable niche.

Keep special care on products excluded from amazon’s affiliate program.

2. Find Profitable Keywords

After you decide which niche is preferable for you, now you should find out the most profitable keywords.

So, how can you discover the best keywords?

Unlike in blogging, you can find the most profitable long-tail keywords by Google suggestions. Here we will find and target a low-competition, high-volume keyword by focusing on the buyers’ intentions.

A buyer having intentions to buy something right away will search for a very specific term. So, we can gain potential customers by targeting those keywords.

For knowing the search volumes of each keyword you will find, you have to add a chrome extension “keyword surfer.”

For instance, we want to make a site on coffee machines. So, most people who want to buy a coffee machine will search like “best coffee machines.” You will get a huge volume for this term.

However, the more the number of searches, the more will be the competition. So, it’s worthless to target such a keyword. We need to narrow down our search.

You can do this by including a space just after or before your search term. For example, we get suggestions like “best coffee machine with grinder” or “best coffee machine for office.” After clicking on any one of them, you will get some narrow search results.

You can scroll down the page to find out your competitors. If it seems harder to rank that keyword, then move on to the next suggestion.

Now you can find out the websites targeting that particular keyword by searching it inside a double quote. The lesser search result you will get the more chances that you will rank on the first page.

This way, extract some potential keywords and make a list for your next articles.

3. Choose a Domain Name & Web Hosting

So, you have selected a niche and made a list of the best keywords to target. Now it’s time for making a great website.

For building a website, two things are must, i.e., domain name and hosting. If you have made any website before, you must know what a domain name and hosting are.

A domain name along with an extension is the URL of a site, and hosting is the place that provides you space for all of your web files where you can customize them as you want.

As you are making a niche site, your domain name must contain that keyword, and the “.com” extension is better than country-specific extensions.

Just think of a good and short domain name and check its availability on GoDaddy or any other platform.

After you bought a domain name, now you have to purchase a good hosting service as well.

There are several things to contemplate while buying a hosting service. However, the most recommended options are Bluehost, siteground, hostinger, etc.

Here you will get lots of features as well as 24/7 customer support, which is essential when you don’t know anything about coding.

Once you have purchased a great hosting service and a targeted domain name, now you can install a content management system like WordPress and customize your website.

The best theme for affiliate sites is “GeneratePress.” It’s so lightweight and has awesome features for customization.

4. Create the “RIGHT” Kind of Content

Everything fails if you are unable to write the “right” kind of content. That means the content is the most crucial factor for an affiliate site.

Keep a good proportion of tutorials, list of top 10 best XYZ, comparison, and long-form articles.

Most of the affiliate sites have a similar format for “top 10” type articles. You can search your targeted keyword and observe the top articles ranking on that keyword to create your content.

Most of these articles are comprehensive, which means they are having word count above 2000-2500. Further, these articles contain a good presentation of products. You can consider adding a buying guide and also can embed a YouTube video for making it informative.

Before you post an article, you must register to the amazon associate account. This will help you to take images along with affiliate links for the products you want to promote.

A plugin, namely AAWP, is a great plugin for making your content clickable and attractive. So, read amazon’s policies and write great content so as to rank your site higher.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Site Through SEO

You can lead to a significant amount of traffic through paid campaigns. But, what’s better than organic traffic, isn’t it?

Yes, traffic through SEO is time taking. However, it’s not that complicated, like blogging.

You can drive great traffic by targeting the right keywords. And we already discussed how to perform keyword research for an amazon affiliate site.

Along with the right long-tail keyword, you can rank faster by competitor analysis. Check the DA, PA, and number of backlinks the top sites have. After that, you can make a little effort for on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and you are done.

Getting clicks on affiliate links is another big problem for newbies. Yet, if you are targeting intentional keywords and providing comprehensive content, you will get automatic clicks.

Try to increase your click-through rate by making your content attractive. All the time you write an article, perform good competition research.

The best way to write reviews of a product is by buying and using it. However, for newbies, it’s difficult to buy such costly products. That time you can read the reviews of real uses on the amazon website.

It’s valuable for your potential customers as well as increases your chances of clicks.

Through the plugin we explained before, you can easily add product comparison tables and make amazing content that will accelerate your affiliate clicks.

7. Receive Commissions

The final thing is receiving a commission. The multiplication of the commission rate along with the price of the product and the conversion rate is the commission money you will receive.

Therefore, targeting high commission products having a high price, you can generate good revenue.

Further, you will get a commission for all products brought after clicking on your affiliate link, i.e., the entire cart for the cookie period of 24 hours.


Getting started with the amazon affiliate program is the most simple thing you can do to initiate a side hustle.

However, knowing the essential factors is critical, which will save your money as well as time. By reading Amazon’s policies, you can understand the right way to promote its product.

After you are successful at a single website, you can make a new site in the same way targeting another kind of product. But, don’t be greedy and try to make lots at a time. This will decrease your chances of getting what you can.

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