How to Do Keyword Research for Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

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We all know that the right keywords can make or break your Amazon affiliate business. If you want to generate passive income online, then affiliate marketing is the best way to do that.

If you are a current blog owner or starting from scratch, then this blog is designed for you. Earlier the keyword research was elementary.

All you need to make the use of Google Keyword Planner that helps you find a bunch of medium to long size keywords with ease. By using those keywords, you write articles or web content with some little effort. Adding those keywords will help you rank your website on Google. With some bit of effort, you can rank your site.

But, over the years, many things in SEO has changed drastically. We know that you agree! Right?

Even prominent SEO specialists are scouting low competition keywords nowadays. These keywords are required to give a push to your new affiliate site.

The Amazon Affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for all those who want to earn extra income by referring sales to Amazon. Building organic traffic needs proper keyword research.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can easily do keyword research for the Amazon affiliate marketing website.

So, let us get started with this!

How to Find Keywords for Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Keyword research in affiliate marketing plays an essential role in the target audience. This helps people to find your content and visit your website. Ensuring the visibility of the site, keyword research is very important besides doing website building, blogging, and promotion.

With the help of the right keywords, you can easily use them in your affiliate website content and social advertising. To master your Affiliate marketing keyword research, you need to follow the steps below.

These steps would help you in finding the right keywords that will also increase your passive income.

So, if you are a beginner or a known blogger and want to earn by Amazon Affiliate marketing, then you can go with these steps listed below:

1. Choose a Specific Niche

Before moving forward with the keyword research, you need to take the first step that will be choosing a specific niche. It includes the type of product you are going to promote on your website. It is suggested that you need to stick to a particular kind of niche to get expertise in the Amazon affiliate program.

Once your niche will be finalized, and you gain trust from your target audience about products you review, then you will become a trusted Affiliate marketer. Rest, this will be the process when your niche gets ready.

It will help if you keep your focus on finding the niche product. Once you are complete with finding your niche product and have deals in place with the companies that are searching for affiliate marketers, then you can start with the keyword research process.

Your niche will determine various factors like what type of audience you are looking for to market Amazon products. Other factors include are their age, location, interests to corporate, and many more.

For example, if your affiliate marketing product is related to baby products like baby soaps, then you need to cater to parents and create your keyword research on that basis. And if your Amazon affiliate product is Women fashion wear, then you need to target female audiences and prepare your keywords according to that.

Now you see how important it is to find a niche to do your keyword research. Let us discuss another factor that contributes to keyword research for affiliate marketing.

2. Brainstorm the Seed Keyword

After finding your niche, it is vital to do a manual brainstorming to get an idea for keyword research in Amazon affiliate marketing.

You can make the use of some tools to begin your manual brainstorming session. If you think that you get a mental roadblock, then you can start things from basics and then work on your way.

For instance, if we take an example of baby products, then manually what you search for?

Make a list of terms or keywords you use if you search for this niche online. These will be the general terms that others may use to get information about that product.

So, you can use those selected brainstormed keywords in your content to get found by the answers of people.

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Trying to rank pages based on the seed keywords is not a good idea. It would help if you found yourself competing with ginormous companies.

And if you still manage to rank on the first page of SERP, then you will get a mishmash of visitors that no even come intending to buy your products.

So, in both these cases, you will lose!

Therefore, you won’t be able to rank your Amazon affiliate website based on seed keywords. To stop this happening to your website, you need to focus on long-tail keyword strings. These long-tail keywords will have a strong buying intent that will help you to reach target audiences. With these keywords you will get two main benefits:

  • You will get a better chance of ranking your pages in Google SERPs.
  • The traffic you get on your Amazon affiliated website will be more targeted and have a strong buying intent.

So, making the use of right long-tail targeted keywords will help to some extent.

4. Understanding the Search Intent

Besides adding long-tail keywords in the content, you need to keep your search intent picture clear. To do keyword research for affiliate marketing, you need to understand the intent in the picture.

Rather than answering questions of the audience and promoting your niche product, you need to add actual suggestions of keywords in the content. You can also add those keywords that will imply intent for buyers.

Therefore, instead of simply talking to your product, you need to enter the keyword search terms that recommend readers phrase the product.

Also, you need to keep your affiliate marketing link ready on those keyword suggestions. This will help your buyer to send them to their suggested choice.

Basic Keyword Research for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

While searching seed and long-tail keywords, you can make the use of another tool that will help you with basic keyword research for Amazon affiliate marketing.

Here we have listed some basic methods through which you search keywords for Amazon affiliate marketing:

1. Google Keyword Planner

If you want to do primary research of the keywords for Amazon affiliate marketing, then you can go with Google Planner.

This tool provides the search terms that are most relevant for your search campaign. You will get insights into the various factors of keywords along with the frequency of specific keywords and their competition.

The main goal for you to select the keywords with the high monthly searches but low competition. You need to set up Google ads account to use this fantastic tool. You need to know that while setting up Google ads account, you do not need to have any ad campaign active.

Once you in your Google Ad account, then you can find the option of Google planner by clicking the tools option in the menu bar. Once you click on this option, then you will be given two more options that will be discovering new keywords and Get search volume and forecasts.

You need to select the second option, which is Get search volume and forecasts. You can enter the keyword ideas for niche products, and then you can click on get started.

Once you click ok, then you will get insights into each related terms, competition, clicks, impression, and many more factors. The longer the keywords you provide, the more you will get comprehensive results.

2. Quora

While creating a money website for affiliate marketing, you should keep in mind that you are building that website for your audience.

With all the above methods, you can type in your submarket and then look at the questions people ask.

Quora will help you in market research by getting a glimpse of the targeted audience.

For instance, if someone is looking for a photography niche, then these types of ideas you will get:

  • Camera lenses and other equipment
  • Cheap camera lens
  • Wedding photography

These are just some ideas, but you will get deep insights into what people are looking for. This will help you get an idea of which keywords are more searched according to your niche, and you can consider them in suggestions.

When you enter your seed keywords in Google manually, then you will find other related keyword suggestions at the bottom of the search results.

These keyword terms you can use in your Amazon affiliate marketing content so that you can attract more and more target audience with ease.

Advanced Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research

While we talk about making money online with Amazon affiliate marketing, now you get an idea of how important it is to do keyword research after finalizing your niche.

With the methods mentioned above, you can easily find keywords for Amazon affiliate marketing.

Here in Advanced search methods for Amazon affiliate marketing, you will get to know about various tools that will help you in keyword research.

So, let us get started:

1. SEMrush

To get better insights into keywords, you can make the use of the SEMrush tool. This tool helps you find the best affiliate marketing keywords according to your niche with its substantial hitter features.

Suppose you want to find keywords with the help of SEMrush, then all you need to click on the Keyword Analytics tool. You will see more options for keyword tools under this section.

To find low competition & long-tail affiliate keywords, you need to fire on the “Keyword Magic Tool” under this section.

You need to select this tool and enter a broad term related to the niche you have chosen. A broad term here refers to seed keywords.

Once you enter the keywords in its search bar and press enter key, then here the work starts!

You will get a wealth of insights with this tool for your seed keyword. You will also get other related keywords that you can use on your Affiliate website.

At last, you need to play with the filters and get better suggestions.

2. KWFinder

If you begin to start your keyword research for Affiliate marketing, then this tool serves you the best. This ideal tool for keyword research provides you a clear approach for finding suitable keywords.

From start to finish, you will discover the keyword research process very comprehensive, and you will discover more features while using it.

Once you enter the keyword in the KWFinder tool, then you can quickly analyze its SERP, track their page rank, keyword volume, and other search metrics of that keyword.

This will help you to keep a check on other factors like keyword trends, monthly searches, competitor keywords, and much more.

Once you get results with this tool, then you will easily apply various search filters and customize your search results. This will help you to save time by cutting the clutter.

You can even stay activated just by proceeding again without making settings again.

3. LongTailPro

LongTailPro is the other tool that will help you find less competitive keywords for your niche.

If you want to come up with longer keywords with buying intent, then you can go with this fantastic tool.

Once you open this platform, you need to click on the project to create it and enter seed keywords in the empty related keyword field.

For example, you can write the “baby mirror” keyword and set the suggestion to 400, and then you will see keyword suggestions with 800 to 3000 keyword volume. You can click on the retrieve to see the results.

You can apply filters accordingly to save time for searching. You will be able to come up with these three types:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Keywords with strong buying content
  • Keywords that are easy to rank

Select those keywords and find results in SERPs.

4. Check out your competitors

After keyword research, you can check out the competitor analysis with tools like SEMrush. To scout competitor keywords, you can make the use of an organic search result analyzer tool in SEMrush.

For instance, you are searching for “best headphones” then you will see the organic results coming up in the “Organic search result” section of SEMrush. It will give you a list of pages for your targeted keyword. It will be sorted from position 1 to 100.

But you are wondering why to bother checking this URL list? Right?

So, here are the reasons:

  • It will help you understand the best content type for the keyword. By analyzing the top ten search results, you will get an idea of how you can create content for your Amazon affiliate site using those keywords.
  • With this list, you can get the idea of potential affiliate products that you can list on your site.
  • You can easily keep a check on competitor keywords.

While doing keyword research for your affiliate program, you need to focus on the top-performing content of your competitors.

So, these are some advanced and basic methods that you can opt to perform keyword research for your Amazon affiliate website.


Searching keywords for your affiliate business is a severe aspect. Whatever you do, you should never miss this keyword research process. This is because, in the next few months, this will give you an idea for your content or blog to pay off.

Like always, we have given you a tremendous set of ways or methods through which you can find keywords for Amazon affiliate website according to your niche.

The most important aspect is finding your niche. This comes first before finding your keyword. It would help if you took proper measures of which keywords you want to add according to the niche.

The seed keywords and suggested one also plays an essential role in targeting the audience.

Keep in mind that the keywords that do not fulfill people’s intent will not provide you any benefit. If you add intent fewer keywords in your blog or content of your Amazon affiliated website, then it will target the wrong audience.

This means you can rank easily on search engines, but the amount of traffic you get will not be interested in your products.

We have also listed some tools that will help you determine appropriate keywords for your niche. These tools will give you related keywords that you can add to your content.

You can also apply filters and see various keyword metrics to determine keywords for your Amazon affiliate website.

We hope that this article has given you sufficient information about keyword research for your Amazon affiliate niche website.

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